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Carnaval Time in Playa Del Carmen

Carnival in Playa Del Carmen

Mention “carnival” and thoughts of Brazil and Caribbean carnivals come to mind. While the carnival in Playa is not as wild, it is growing in popularity each year and a nice way to see a lot of participation from the youth of Playa. The parade goes through town on multiple nights. It usually starts on 5th Avenue on the south end at Juarez Avenue. The parade marches up the busy pedestrian 5th Avenue and then when it reaches Constituyentes Avenue the floats are added into the parade. They march until the Plaza Municipal and then a large stage is set for dancing and music into the night!

Look for the carnival to take place in late February and early March.

Check out our video of one years Carnival in Playa Del Carmen.



5 Comments on Carnaval Time in Playa Del Carmen

  1. Does anyone know the 2017 dates for the carnival that takes place in player del Carmen around february

    • Hello Angie

      No dates for the carnival yet in 2017. They do tend to announce it late in the year. Last year we only found our about three weeks in advance. We will try to find our for you and post it when we know.

  2. Catholic Traveler // October 3, 2016 at 7:24 PM // Reply

    Ash Wednesday is March 1, 2017, so it will likely be the week before.

  3. Does anyone know if it is likely that there will be parades/concerts at the Municipal Park Mon.,Feb.27 though Wed.,Mar 1 2017? Ash Wed. is March 1. Or will they more likely to be the week before Feb 27? I am concerned about noise at my hotel Feb.27 -Mar.3 across the street from that park.Thank you.

    • Hello Kathy

      We don’t think it should be much of an issues. There is no schedule out and part of the issues with events in Playa Del Carmen, thing are always announced a week before they happen. If there is the parade, it will go down 5th and then wind through the city and back to the park. There are concerts there but most of the surrounding blocks will hear it when it does happen. Most of the time it ends around 11pm.

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