Time Lapse Videos of Playa Del Carmen

See Playa in a new way!

Sunrise in Playa Del Carmen Mexico
A March sunrise.

Time lapse videos of Playa Del Carmen

We are always taking videos in Playa Del Carmen to show you restaurants, tours, nature, life and what it is like here (see our YouTube channel here).Taking time lapse videos can show you a different side of things. Here is a collection of time lapse video we have taken around town. We will keep adding to this collection when we have more.

Sunrise on a new day in Playa Del Carmen

This was taken from 6th Street and the beach on a very clear morning. The sun was just breaking through the clouds.

Time lapse video of sunrise in April

This sunrise time laps video was taken near the Cozumel Ferry Pier on the south end of Playa Del Carmen.

New Years Day in Playa Del Carmen

Tens of thousands of people come to Playa Del Carmen for New Years. Here is a short time lapse of 5th Avenue at the intersection of 12th Street just after midnight and the fireworks were over. Everyone was moving around to go to a club, bar or house party.

It is a tradition to go to the beach and watch the sunrise on New Years day in Playa Del Carmen. Even after partying all night people have enough energy to see it. It is a unique experience to say the least.

An April sunrise in time lapse

On this April morning the sun rose above the clouds on the horizon to burst forth.

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