Some of the BEST Things in Playa Del Carmen-Our Favorites

Best things in Playa Del Carmen

Some of our favorite things in Playa Del Carmen!

What are some of the best things in Playa Del Carmen? Here are some of our favorite things. These might not be the most commonly known things and differ from visitor’s lists. These are based on being in Playa Del Carmen for over a decade. This is not a complete list by far, these are just some places we wanted to show you in a video and provide details for you to check out. Let us know in the comments if you would like more of these videos for insider tips and what are some of the best things in Playa Del Carmen. 

Our vide of some of the best things in Playa Del Carmen we like!

There is a lot of good things in Playa Del Carmen to see. These are some of our favorite things for some reason or another. These might not be the most famous places or things, but we hope it does give you some new places to check out and enjoy in Playa Del Carmen. Did we mention some of yours or do you have some other favorites? Let us know below in the comments. 


Some of the best things we like to Playa Del Carmen

Park Fundadores

This is the area where Playa Del Carmen was born. This area has transformed over the years into this public park and event space. Park Fundadores was recently renovated, but still has some of the favorite things to see like the Danza de los Voladores from Papantla, Veracruz, Portal Maya statue and views out over the Caribbean. Besides the permanent features of this park, you can usually find some performers here both day and night. This makes Park Fundadores a really interesting place to visit. This area is also a good place to come in the morning and watch the sunrise. 

Playa Del Carmen

Das Brot Bakery

This German style bakery is a favorite because the quality of the baked goods and taste. You can find lavender flavored pound cake, fresh bagels on Fridays, delicious apple studdle, gluten free items and always a host of other mouthwatering baked goods. You can really taste the quality and love that is put into the products here. 

Da Brot is located on 8th Street between 20th and 25th Avenue. They face the side of City Hall. Das Brot is open from 8:00am-5:00pm Monday to Saturday. Closed Sundays. Here is a link to the Das Brot Facebook page. 

Asadero El Pollo aka Roast Chicken

A long-time restaurant in Playa is the Asadero el Pollo or roast chicken restaurant. Using time tested recipes and roasting skills, they offer consistency and good meals every time. This place is good for a cheap and tasty lunch. They are open daily from 10:00am-6:00pm. You can eat in or take out. We think it is best to eat in the place because it will be freshly cooked and perfect for a mouthwatering meal. 

You can find the Asadero el Pollo Restaurant on 20th Avenue and 2nd Street. Just look for the blue building with smokestack. 

Best Orange Juice in Playa Del Carmen

Fresh squeezed orange juice is always a good thing and with this gentleman on the corner of 20th Avenue and 12 Bis (not 12th Street but rather 12 1/2 Street between 12th and 14 Bis.) This guy has been on this corner for 30 years and even more time in Playa in another area. He mainly works during the week from the morning to early afternoon. You cannot beat the price and freshness and that makes it the best place to get orange juice in Playa Del Carmen. 

Lost Tiki Restaurant

This restaurant has moved around (hence the name “lost”). We are however glad we found it again and can enjoy the same good food and atmosphere. This is a very laid back and fun place with good food and drinks. The menu is sort of asian bar food which there is not a lot of in Playa Del Carmen. The Lost Tiki is also a good place for cocktails, and even mocktails. You can always find a mix of locals, local expats and tourists here. 

The Lost Tiki is on 20th Avenue between 4th Street and 6th Street. They are open Tuesday to Sunday 5:00pm-11:00pm. Mondays closed. Here is a link to their Facebook page. 

Food at Lost Tiki Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
The food at the Los Tiki is one of our favorites for the Asian flavors.

Primer Plato Restaurant

This is one of those tiny hidden gems in Playa Del Carmen. It is small and not in the center of Playa, but it is well worth a visit. We love this place for lunch because the family has been serving up smiles and handmade Italian pastas and dishes for years now. The prices are very reasonable and quality exceptional. 

Primer Plato is on 15th Avenue below Juarez Avenue by Call 1 Sur. Look for the small white building on the west side of the street. Closed Sundays. 

La Europea Store for Alcohol and Wine

If you live in Playa Del Carmen or are just visiting, you might want to buy some good alcohol. La Europea is where locals and even restaurants go to buy liquor. They have standard prices and even discounts sometimes. This can be a good place to buy presents of just stock up on your favorites. 

We like shopping here because there are many other places to buy “tourist” alcohol in Playa Del Carmen, but at La Europea you get real products at fair prices. 

La Europea has several locations in Playa Del Camren. The main store is in the Quinta Alegria Mall. The La Europea website has a database of alcohol and wines that you can look up for prices. 

5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen

5th Avenue is the main pedestrian street in Playa Del Carmen. It is about 22 blocks long and has lots of restaurants, shops, street performers and more. It is very entertaining and generally just a nice place to walk and take it all in. Even as a local, people like to walk around because of the energy and things to see. This is what makes it one of our favorites in Playa Del Carmen. And yes, there is some shopping that residents like as well, so it is not all tourists there. 

To see what we recommend on 5th Avenue, see our detailed guide and video below to see all the best things to see and do on 5th Avenue. 


Sabrina Italian Cafe

There are a lot of influences in Playa Del Carmen for all the people that make it home now. There are a lot of Italians that have made Playa Del Carmen home and have opened business. This restaurant is so Italian it makes you feel like you are in Italy. At Sabrina they have good Italian cafe and pastries to die for. 

Sabrina is on Constituyentes Avenue between 10th and 15th Avenue on the south side of the street. Here is a link to the Sabrina Facebook page for more information. 

Dirty Martini Lounge

This bar is known by local expats as a good place to congregate. Not only to be social but to get good cocktails. One of the things we don’t like in Playa is the number of places (especially on 5th Avenue) that offer watered down and cheap liquor drinks. Here at the Dirty Martini, you get quality cocktails. Tuesdays is one of the best days to visit because of their 2×1 specials, and it is really a special. They also have different specials during the week. 

The Dirty Martini Lounge is on 1st. Avenue between 10th and 12th Streets. Here is a link to their Facebook page so you can see other specials. 

Dac Market

Dac Market is one of the best places in Playa Del Carmen to get fresh herbs, imported fruits and seasonings. There are big supermarkets in Playa Del Carmen but often you cannot find a lot of the herbs and salsa from other countries. In addition to a lot of different products, they have a restaurant in front that has good options for breakfast and healthy juices. 

Dac Market is on 30th Avenue between Constituyentes Avenue and Calle 22. Open daily. Here is a link to their Facebook page for more information. 

Green & Fit Salads and Juice Bar

If you have spent any time in Mexico, you will notice that salads are not very common in Mexico. It can be downright hard to find a good one, let along healthier food items. Green & Fit is one of the best places to get a quick salad made to order. They also have paninis and bowls plus juices. 

Green & Fit is located on the corner of 10th Avenue and 24th Street. They are open every day until 9pm. the opening hours vary a little in the mornings. Here is a link to their Facebook page. 

Don Chendo Italian Restaurant

Restaurants that have the owners involved in the daily operations are always in a better place to keep standards up. Don Chendo Restaurant has been around for a while now in Playa Del Carmen and is popular because its consistency and great food. They start with good recipes and ingredients and make everything handmade. The main thing here is deep dish pizza. The pizzas are all gourmet and enough for two people to share. In addition to pizza, they have other dishes that complement the Italian theme along with drinks. 

Don Chendo is on 30th Avenue between 24th and 26th Streets. Here is a link to their Facebook page for more information. 

Evolve Gym on 24th Street in Playa Del Carmen

Evolve Gym on 24th Street and The Gym on 1st Avenue are the two main popular gyms in Playa Del Carmen. There have been more gyms opened in the past few years, but the Evolve on 24th is our favorite because it is large, has good equipment, decent cooling system, sense of community between clients, and since it is on the second floor, it has good views out the windows on two sides. 

Here is a link to Evolves Facebook page for more information. 

La Brocherie

Talk about hidden gems, this small restaurant tucked away on the south end of Playa Del Carmen is a favorite. During the day you can get good French roast chicken and other plates. The owner is French and is a chef as well, so you know the food will be good. They have consistently been running this restaurant for years. But one of the best secrets is the special menus that cook for. Several times a month they do dishes like Beef Bourguignon (Beef Burgundy). You have to reserve a plate for the special meals well in advance because it is very popular. You have to try it; it is one of the best places for a casual dinner with amazing food. 

La Brocherie is on 15th Avenue between 4th Street and 6th Street. Here is a link to the La Brocherie Facebook page so you can check special menu nights. 

La Brocherie Playa Del Carmen
Experience some of the best French soul cooking in Playa Del Carmen here.

Cueva del Chango for Breakfast in Playa Del Carmen

For those that have been coming to Playa Del Carmen for a while, you have seen the changes. Many lament the loss of “old Playa”. This is one of the places that represents the old Playa. Cueva del Chango is an organic building with tranquil garden. Here you get good local plates and fresh juices. The prices are also good considering where it is and how long they have been around. 

This restaurant is on 38th Street between 5th Avenue and the beach. For more information including their menu, see their Facebook page here

Cueva Del Changa Playa Del Carmen
The organic building and gardens make Cueva Del Chango one of the best places to get that old Playa feel and good food.

India Jones Restaurant

In Playa Del Carmen you can find lots of seafood and Mexican restaurants. These are the two most sought-after types of food for visitors. But sometimes you want something different, especially if you have been in Mexico a while or living in Playa Del Carmen. India Jones gives you full on authentic flavors of India along with nice presentation and atmosphere. You can tell the owners really can about the quality of both the place and food. 

India ones is on 5th Avenue and 30th Street. Here is a link to their Facebook page for more information and mouthwatering photos. 

Ah Cacao Cafe

If you like chocolate or coffee (which includes a lot of people), Ah Cacao is a great place to check out. Ah Cacao is a local coffee house and cafe with several locations on 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen. They not only give you good coffee but better prices that international coffee shops. Ah Cacao is also a good place to meet friends, rest and watch 5th Avenue or taste one of their brownies. The brownies are some of the bests in Playa Del Carmen! This is also a good place to pick up some gifts to take home. We love the chocolate massage oil, chocolate bars and coffee they sell. 

You can find Ah Cacao on 5th Avenue and 2nd Street, Constituyentes and 5th, 5th and 30th Street, and 5th between 38th Street and 40th Street. 

Las Hijas de la Tostada Restaurant

This restaurant has consistency and good tostadas of seafood. We love their recipes and have been enjoying their food for years now! They have many good dishes, but we think the two of the best items are the tuna burger and the shrimp carmelo tostada. Las Hijas de la Tostada is a casual place to get some Mexican style seafood and drinks right on 5th Avenue. You can find them at 5th Avenue and 38th Street. They also have a second location on 5th Avenue and 2nd. Street. 

Here is a link to their Facebook page for more information. 

The best in Playa Del Carmen is the Beach

Of course, if you are coming to Playa Del Carmen, you probably want to visit the beach at some point. The beach is very accessible in Playa Del Carmen. Almost every street in the downtown ends at the beach with access. Our favorite beaches in Playa Del Carmen are in front of Playacar Phase 1&2 when we want a more private and calm day at the beach. For easy access and a little more people watching, Mamitas is the best beach to visit for us. 

Below you can see the beach just south of Mamitas in the center of Playa Del Carmen. 

best things in Playa Del Carmen
Everyone’s favorite thing in Playa Del Carmen is the beach of course!


Did we mention some of your favorites in Playa Del Carmen? Did you find some new things to try? We hope you found this information beneficial, and you get to try some of these places in Playa. We know this is just a few of the best things in Playa Del Carmen here, if you have others to mention, please comment below. It is always good to hear from our readers and find new things in Playa Del Carmen to check out. 

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