Restaurant Aldea Corazon

Aldea Corazon Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen
Aldea Corazon breakfast

Aldea Corazon Restaurant

Aldea Corazon is perfectly named because it’s name means “village heart” and it is at the heart of 5th Avenue and Playa. It is also in our hearts because we love eating there! It is a perfect place for a brunch. It is open all day but we love the early part of the day there.

The atmosphere is special with the open air feel of the well designed restaurant. Their music selection also adds to the feel of life in Mexico.

The rather plain front hides a spacious outdoor space in the back of the restaurant, perfect for a little cool shade after shopping on 5th Avenue or a more romantic quieter location for dinner. They have added some nice water fountains in this area and the trees bring welcome green to your dinning experience.

Aldea Corazon Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen
The garden in the back of restaurant Aldea Corazon.


Aldea Corazon Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen
Aldea Corazon Restaurant’s back garden

If you care to eat inside, there is air conditioning even though it is open air. They also use fans to create a nice breeze.

The food is well thought out and always of good consistency. Just check out the pictures below of an omelet and chilaquiles verde!

Aldea Corazon Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen
Aldea Corazon breakfast

Prices are reasonable. Lower to midrange and a good value for what you get. It is a good place to have a group come for breakfast. They can offer a short menu and provide good service to your group. Although it is always good to give advance notice. The wait staff is good here and dressed in Mexican  style outfits. Check out this restaurant in the heart of 5th Avenue. It has everything we like.

Aldea Corazon Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen
Aldea Corazon Restaurant on 5th Avenue.

Have you been to Aldea Corazon restaurant? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.


Monday-Sunday 8:00am-12:00 midnight.

Where is Aldea Corazon Restaurant?

Aldea Corazon is located on 5th Avenue between 14th Street and 16th Street on the east side of the street.



  1. We used to go here for breakfast but have to say this place seems to have lost it’s energy. It used to have that special feeling and not the staff seems to stand around the quality of the food has gone down. Is this place under new management? For us it is time to try a new location, after all there are a lot of places on your breakfast guide to Playa and they just don’t cut it anymore.

    • Hello and thank you for your observations about Aldea Corazon Restaurant. We have to kind of agree with you, it does seem to have lost some energy. We will keep any eye on it and if it goes downhill more we will mention it in our article. This restaurant is owned by a restaurant group and they still own it, so no new management.

  2. We have going here about every year we have come down to Playa Del Carmen but the last time to Aldea Corazon it seems to have lost its energy. It just was not the same and I think it is the last time we will be going there. There are too many other places that are up and coming for dinner options.

  3. I stopped by for lunch at Aldea corazon the other day and was surprised how expensive lunch was. We ordered and the food was good but I don’t think we will go back.

  4. I keep walking past this restaurant and it seems to be different, like it is under new management? Has Aldea Corazon Restaurant changed hands, we used to go there for breakfast.

    • Hello Natalia
      Aldea Corazon Restaurant is still owned by the same restaurant group. As it goes with restaurants in Playa Del Carmen, some get outshined by new restaurants and some get in a rut with just serving tourist and forget to make each time exciting and good. We will check in with this restaurant and see what is going on for you.

  5. We went to this restaurant for the last time. The quality has going downhill of the food. The prices they are charging are not very good for what you get. I think this restaurant has run its course like many in Playa, they start off good then get mediocre management an then the quality goes downhill. They close and open as another restaurant. We will see what happens here.

  6. This is a nice place for breakfast but we don’t go here for lunch or dinner anymore.

  7. I see Aldea Corazon advertising on Facebook all the time. They must be really hard up for business. They never have people like they used to. Something must of happened with the chef and the quality.

  8. I guess Facebook advertising does not work for this restaurant. I see their ads also but there is never a full restaurant. Whats up with this place? Why is no one going there anymore?

  9. We went there yesterday. The waiter got our order wrong for 3 items. The food was average to good. The atmosphere outside was wonderful. When we got the bill, a 15% tip was already included. We asked the waiter about the tip included, he said that tip was split between everyone working there and he would appreciate a tip directly to him. We will not be going there again

    • Thank you for your report. We have been getting a lot of no so good comments about this restaurant. This could be why we have not see as many people there lately. We have tried to talk to the management group of this restaurant but they were not really open to talking with us.

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