Take a private tour from Tulum with Mystikal Wanders Tours

Mystikal Wanders Private tours Tulum

Private tours from Tulum with Mystikal Wanders

Mystikal Wanders is a private tour company that is based in the famous Azulik Hotel in Tulum. They offer these exclusive tours to guest of the hotel and also to outside guest. These tours are for people that want a special day exploring the area and creating a magical memory of your time to this culturally rich area.

Each tour is limited to a couple or a small group of friends. These are customized tours that will take you off the beaten path to discover the beauty of the hidden Riviera Maya. 

What can you see on these tours?

Everyone knows the big tourist destinations in the Riviera Maya, but there is so much more to see. With Mystikal Wanders you can visit smaller places that large tour groups do not visit. You can be in places after people have left and have a magical experience like after hours at Mayan ruins.

These tours are designed to give you a unique and personal experience. The tours highlight the simple life, the joy of the people, the traditions and what people are doing to preserve nature.


Cenotes are a unique natural feature of our area. Imagine yourself swimming in a cenote with just you or just a few people? Mystikal Wanders selects cenotes that are more remote yet still naturally beautiful. You can take a swim or just take in the views.

Mayan families and communities

In this part of Mexico there are still people that speak Mayan and carry on centuries old traditions. Imagine visiting a real family and seeing how they live. These are not recreated homes, but the real thing. The guides will help translate and highlight the unique ways that people use the plants, cook and farm the land.

Mystikal Wanders Private tours Tulum
See traditional homes where people live today.

Natural areas

There are some beautiful nature reserves in our area. Some of these are lagoons with trails or cenotes. Wander through ancient trails and walk in the footsteps from people centuries before you. You can even pass by ancient Mayan ruins that are buried in the jungle. You can also go looking for animals.

Mystikal Wanders Private tours Tulum
One of the lagoons where you can walk, take a dip or look for monkeys.

Mayan ruins

Tulum is best known for it’s Mayan ruins. Coba ruins are also close by. A trip to the Riviera Maya is not complete without seeing some of these. Mystikal Wanders can arrange a visit at sunset or for a picnic to make for that special moment.

Mystikal Wanders Private tours Tulum
Have Coba Mayan ruins almost to yourself on a tour with Mystikal Wanders.

How much are tours and how to contact Mystikal Wanders

Tour Prices

Since each tour is different and custom made we will only list some general prices. For exact pricing of these personalized tours please contact them at their email address below.

Visit more remote cenotes $60-70 USD per person

Day trip to visit Mayan communities and visit quiet destinations $180 USD per person.

Mystikal Wanders tours is based in Tulum so the prices are for tours leaving the area. If you are staying outside of Tulum, please contact them for a price add on or for transportation options.

Contact Mystikal Wanders

The best way is via email: [email protected]

Have you been on a tour with Mystikal Wanders? Would you like to know more? Leave us a comment in the section below. We would love to hear from you.

Mystikal Wanders Private tours Tulum
See sunset from the top of a Mayan pyramid.

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  1. This tours looks really interesting. We have been looking for something like this. Thanks for letting us know about it.

    • Hello
      The tour was very nice and especially if you like a private guide to take you to some of the lesser know parts of the area. You can really get a feel for the culture and nature without the mass tourism.

      • Hi! Yes, that would be great, thanks. We are leaving to Mexico Monday, and will be around until Jan 14, it would be great to do a tour with them in January.

        Best regards,


        • Hello. I have spoken to both a manager at the hotel tour guide. They did not have your email. So I will give it to them. I hope you get to go with them because we really enjoyed the tour and they take you to no so tourist places where you can see some beautiful things.

    • Hello Again Katarina

      We have left voice messages for the tour guide and one person at the hotel to check the emails and get back with you. So we hope they get back to you today.

  2. Hi!
    I still haven’t heard from them, contacted them myself again too. Tomorrow morning we’ll leave from Sweden, and will be on Isla Holbox to start with, then go south, an back home Jan 14th. Hope we will have the opportunity to join Mystikal Wanders.

  3. I recommend these guys. They take you to some unique places and authentic tours. Beto is the best guide to have. Ask for him. He gave us a great tour. He is very friendly and speaks English Spanish and some Mayan. Very impressive.

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