Manne’s Biergarten-Beer and German food

Plus other international menu items.

Manne's Biergarten Playa Del Carmen

Manne’s Biergarten Pub and Restaurant

The Menu at Manne’s Biergarten Pub and Restaurant has been around so long that it is a staple here. In fact, Manne (who the place is named after) has been in Playa for 20 years now and had his restaurant and bar in three different locations. It has resided on 4th Street for some time now and is “THE PLACE” to get German food and beer in Playa Del Carmen.

Manne runs the restaurant with his lovely wife, Susie. Together you could not ask for a more welcoming host and hostess. Like most of the good small restaurants in Playa Del Carmen, when the owners are there, it is a good sign that care about it and give attention to all their regulars and newcomers alike. You will really be impressed with this warm couple that will take care of you and ask how you are doing in whatever language you speak.

Manne's Biergarten Playa Del Carmen
Manne and Susie

The Restaurant and Bar

This is a small friendly spot-on 4th street where there is some sidewalk seating, open air indoor seating and a back garden. This place has character and so should a place that has been around for a long time. If you like local charm, then this place is for you. Come here to get away from commercialized places on 5th Avenue and enjoy the atmosphere of German signs, photos on the walls of customers and beer bottles.

The Menu at Manne’s Biergarten

On the food menu you will find some bar snacks, grilled chicken, a few pastas, Mexican dishes like fajitas, and then there are the German dishes. The German dishes are a highlight here. They have bratwurst, sausages, and Bavarian meatloaf just to name a few. Of course, they have the German sides to go with it like sauerkraut and German potatoes. Look for the daily specials. For example on  Sundays they do their prime rib special. It is a garden salad, baked potato with sour cream and horseradish sauce with a very tender slice of prime rib.

From the bar you can enjoy Mexican and German beers as well as full bar. Of course, we are partial to the beers here because it fits so well with the menu and atmosphere. 

Manne's Biergarten Playa Del Carmen
The Sunday special “Prime Rib”


If you want a friendly place to go that is casual and relaxed, then this place is good for you. If you want a beer, potatoes and meat, then even better reason to go here. Enjoy the gracious hosts here and we are sure you will leave happy and not just because you had a lot to drink.


Wednesday-Monday 4:00pm-1:00am. Closed Tuesday.


Manne’s is on 4th Street between 10th Avenue and 15th Avenue.

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  1. We have been attending Playa Del Carmen for the past 13 years…this is ONE OF OUR FAVOURITE RESTAURANTS AND TONS OF FUN. GREAT OWNERS. GREAT FOOD !!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    • That is great to hear! The owners are certainly great people and an integral part of Playa. They are so welcoming! We are glad you have had the same experience and we hope you come many more time here.

  2. Echte Deutsche Essen. We ate there last week and I had Schweinebraten mit Rotkohl and Bratkartoffeln and my wife had the Rinderrouladen with kraut. All items were legit and delicious.

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