Los Asados de Patzcuaro Restaurant where everything is roasted Mexican style

Los Asados de Patzcuaro Playa Del Carmen

Do you want a really local place to have a tacos? Los Asados de Patzcuaro is about as local as you can get and it is kind of well known locally. It is far up in the Colosio neighborhood in Playa and way away from the tourist area, so you will be eating with the locals as well.

What makes this place good is the roast meat, original salsas and handmade tortillas made right on the comal. Handmade tortillas are always a nice touch and hard to find. We love the green salsa that is sweet and spicy at the same time. The restaurant is clean and basic and that is about all you need.

Los Asados de Patzcuaro Playa Del Carmen
Sauces, handmade tortillas, coleslaw and a pot of chicken

The place looks small from the front but there is actually a large covered patio in the back to eat on.

Los Asados de Patzcuaro Playa Del Carmen
The dinning area.

Menu and prices at the restaurant

There is chicken, ribs, beef and wings to try here. Basic meat cost 45-60 pesos for individual portions and then there are sides you can order. Portions like chicken can come in 1/4 , 1/2, 3/4, and 1 full chicken. Drinks cost 15 pesos.


Check this place out for lunch and especially when it will be busy and they will be grilling up a lot of options, perhaps the weekend. This is not a huge tourist pilgrimage spot yet, and tourist do have some other options closer in the center that are good. For those more adventurous and living here, you might want to check this place out.

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8:00am-12:00noon daily for breakfast

12:00noon-6:00pm  daily for Lunch

Location map

The restaurant is on 10th Avenue and the corner of 90th Street. It is on the east side of the street. A taxi will cost you 35 pesos from the center to get there. Many of the streets do not have numbers so if you are driving here just count them off after you see a number.


Los Asados de Patzcuaro Playa Del Carmen
Front view

Enter on the right side and go around back for the seating area.

Have you been here before? What did you think? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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