La Tarraya Seafood Restaurant Review

local Seafood Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
La Tarraya Seafood Restaurant on a sunny day.

La Tarraya is as about old as it gets in Playa Del Carmen. This restaurant has been a beachfront place since 1968. When you walk in and see the old wooden interior you see this place has been around a while and it has a certain charm to it.

The one thing that is not old is the view! They have a great view with palm trees of the ocean. This is one of the few restaurants on the beach and it makes for a nice place to check out. But how is the food?

La Tarraya Restaurant Review

The food at La Tarraya is old school and not gourmet or new fangled. It probably has not changed much since it opened. It is a seafood menu and has small sized plates. We cannot say this is the best tasting food but rather it is more about the atmosphere of the beach on a sunny day. The food is enough to fill you and hold you over. As you can see from the photos below the plates are small which can allow you to try several different things and they are basic.

La Tarraya Seafood Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
Calamari tacos at La Tarraya


La Tarraya Seafood Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
Small mixed ceviche

Perhaps one of the best things about this restaurant is sitting with a beach view and enjoying a drink. They have very reasonable prices on beer and drinks. It is surprising that they are as cheap as they are. We are taking 25 pesos for beer and 50 pesos for a margarita. The margaritas taste just as good if not better than some of the places on 5th Avenue that charge 110 pesos for one.

La Tarraya Seafood Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
Margarita on the beach!

Note: This is a cash only restaurant.
Here is a video we made at this restaurant.


Open everyday from 12:00 noon until 9:00pm.

Our Recommendations

It is charming to see the old wood building and the beach is a nice spot on a sunny day to sit and relax with a drink. And that is what we recommend, don’t come here with expectations of the most remarkable seafood meal in mind. The food is basic and if you get something, get it fried, fried anything always goes good with a beer or drink. The drinks are very well priced here including beer! Take advantage of this beachfront restaurant on a beautiful day.

Where is La Tarraya Restaurant?

This old school restaurant is on 2nd Street and the beach on the left hand side as you walk toward the beach.

Have you been to this restaurant before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.


  1. Love this place..relaxing and the food is good. We like the big platter that has a little of this and that. We’ll be there May 25th. Can’t wait!

    • That is great to hear Nancy. We know you love Playa from your likes on our page and article. Thank you so much!

    • We are not sure but it is best to have pesos. Pesos are best to use because you will have the better exchange rate. Some restaurants will accept dollars but at whatever rate they choose.

  2. The only place left in Playa that you can still have a beer for 25 pesos…unlike many now that charge 50 and 60 for the same…

    • And it is on the beach! go figure. We hope they can stay cheap but time will tell. Glad you know of this place.

  3. So disappointed after the reviews. Nice little place to sit, but that is about all I can say. The food was “meh” but the service horrible. Our four entrees arrived over a 30 minute interval. When I got the bill, there was a strange addition. When I inquired, the waiter said, “That is for me.” He tacked on 30%! We’re having a great time here, but this one was a bummer.

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