How to Dress for Xplor Park? What to Wear Guide!

Xplor park
The entrance to Xplor Park where you get registered and you pick up your helmet.

What is best to wear to Xplor?

Xplor Park, located near Playa Del Carmen in the Riviera Maya, is an adventure park known for its outdoor activities, including zip-lining, cave exploration, swimming, and driving amphibious vehicles. When planning your visit to Xplor Park, it’s important to dress appropriately for the activities and the weather. We have been many times to Xplor and enjoy it every time. Here are some of our personal recommendations on what to wear based on being there and seeing what people wear. 

Lockers at the park

First of all, you should know that there are lockers at Xplor Park. When you check in, they will give you a key bracelet. This will have your locker number on it. Lockers are in sections and open areas for everyone. The lockers are the size of a small backpack and maybe space for two pairs of shoes. This means that you can bring a change of clothes, so you can have options for the day for what to wear. 

Besides the lockers, there are changing booths and showers. This is an area to change when you get there or when you need different clothes for another activity. Then, at the end of the day, you can take a show if you wish. 

The best types of clothes to wear to Xplor

Most people arrive at Xplor ready for adventure and use their clothes all day until changing before leaving. Here are the best things to wear. 

Swimwear and clothes: Since Xplor offers various water-related activities such as underground river swimming and amphibious vehicle rides through water, wearing swimwear is essential. For women, many use a one- or two-piece swimsuit and wear shorts on top. Men usually use swimsuit shorts and a shirt. There is a reason why! For one, swimsuits dry fast and are not uncomfortable. The shorts for both men and women is mainly because the harness of the zipline will rest on your upper thigh. It is far more comfortable to have some fabric there rather than the harness rubbing on your skin. So, we recommend shorts that will come down a few inches on the leg. 

Men can go shirtless. Most wear a shirt for some sun protection. Any shirts should be lightweight and fast drying.

When you arrive to the park you can have on your clothes and a separate set of clothes to go back home in. This works best and saves time from having to change when you arrive. 

Xplor park what to wear
One of the great things you can do here is swim in this underground river at Xplor Park.

What are the best shoes to use at Xplor?

Water Shoes: Closed-toe water shoes are recommended for activities in the water and walking on uneven surfaces. They provide protection and grip, especially when walking through the caves or wet paths. Aqua socks or similar, are best overall for a day at Xplor because they do not fall off when on the zip lines. They also protect your feet a little while you swim. You do swim in a natural cave with rocks, and it is possible to kick or bump into them.

You can wear sneakers all day, but they will get wet. Even on the ziplines, you will get soaked. Flip flops are ok for walking around but for example, on the ziplines you need to strap them to your harness. they can fall off while zip lining. You can go barefoot in the park, but we don’t recommend it because there are a lot of concrete trails, ladders to climb and surfaces that are not the most comfortable without shoes. 

What else to bring for your day at Xplor Park

Here are just a few things you might want to bring in addition to what you wear to the park for the day. 

Check your sunscreen and bug spray

Biodegradable Sunscreen: Xplor is about half sun and half shade. So, if you need or want sunscreen, it must be biodegradable inside of Xplor.  This is important for environmental conservation the natural setting of the park. The chemicals of regular sunblock create oily residue in the water and also have chemicals that damage the ecosystem.

Bug Spray: We will say that we have never had a problem with bugs at the park. They do seem to take good control of this. But, if you are very sensitive to bugs bites, maybe you will want some repellant. The only recommendation here is to choose biodegradable. This is also required for use inside of Xplor Park.

Camera, action! Take your photos at Xplor

Waterproof Camera: Almost all aspects of this park include water, so if you want photos, you will need something waterproof. The best is a Go Pro or similar action camera with mounts or straps. It is important to note that when you are on the ziplines you have to have everything attached to you. 

You can also buy the waterproof bags for cell phones. We would recommend only buying quality since your entire library of memories in your cell phone will be protected by a thin sheet of plastic. These have a strap, but we advise our readers that Xplor is an activity park and there is a chance of bumping or damaging your phone. 

But don’t worry, if you are stressed about water and cameras and trying to make some memories with photos, the park takes them for you also. There are cameras all over the park where they can snap a good shot of you while flying through the air or with a funny statue. There are chips in your helmets and all your photos of your day can be purchased at the park. It is not cheap, but it is easy, and you can take lots of photos all day if you know you will buy them. 

What to wear to Xplor
Leave the camera at the hotel and let Xplor take the photos for you. 

Hats and Sunglasses?

Hat and Sunglasses: Most people don’t use these in the park unless they are taking a break from activities. The reason is many of the activities might cause them to come off or you don’t need them. You will have a helmet to wear as well in the park, which makes a hat hard to use. There are two activities underground after all, plus lots of tunnels and caves to walk through. So, you might arrive with them, but these might be best kept in the locker. 

Towel for drying off at the end of the day

Towel: Xplor does not have a towel service. You will get wet at Xplor and if you do all the activities, you will be soaking wet several times. So, if you bring a towel, you can dry off or shower and dry off. If you don’t bring a towel, you can plan your day, so you are not doing any activities with water after a certain hour. That way you can air dry before changing clothes and going home. 

Note: Xplor does have plastic bags for wet swimwear. 

More tips in our video of Xplor Park!

We like visiting each place and letting you know exactly what places are like. Here is our video with our best tips and advice for visiting. 



 By dressing appropriately, you can fully enjoy the thrilling and immersive experiences that Xplor Park has to offer. We want you to be the most comfortable and prepared for your day of adventure at Xplor. We hope that if you go, you have a great time. Please let us know if you have any other tips for readers below. 

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