Everything About Doing Laundry in Playa Del Carmen

Laundry Service

Laundry service is very convenient and easy in Playa Del Carmen. Most people drop off clothes and pick them up the same day. The clothes are washed, folded and bagged up. It is a great service if you are here for a week and need to have some clean clothes or if you live here and prefer to have someone else do it. It is so easy that it saves time and effort for just a small cost.

Laundromats in Playa Del Carmen

Here are the basics. Take your clothes to your local lavanderia (laundry service place) We would mention locations but there are so many and so easy to find that we are sure there is one close to you. Most are located from 15th Avenue to 40th Avenue.

It is better to use a plastic trash bag or a sheet to carry your clothes there, that way they do not have to keep track of what bag or container you brought there and left. After you drop off your clothes they will give you a ticket with your name on it. You can ask what time it will be ready.

Tip: Most will be able to do same day service. In high season this sometimes becomes two-day service. Mondays are the worst day to drop off clothes because many lavanderias are closed on Sunday. This makes Monday the busiest day for them and maybe slower service for you.

How much does it cost to wash clothes?

Each lavanderia is a little different. Check the price per kilo. It is average between 10-14 pesos a kilo. (most lavanderias have a minimum of 3-5 kilos or a flat price even if it is under that, so you might want to bring enough to meet minimum or just expect to pay a little more). This means that for two people with a weeks worth of clothes, it might be around 150-200 pesos. That is roughly $11-15 USD for the weeks washing. Not bad considering the time you save, laundry detergent, and having a nice, folded stack of clean clothes.

Laundry prices playa del carmen mexico
Laundry Service

Each laundry place also is different in little ways. Some will match all your socks and some use different smelling detergents and softeners. Each place will also wash different things for you. For example, tennis shoes, backpacks, and pillows will be extra charges, if they offer cleaning such items. You know you are in a local laundry place when they have prices to wash hammocks.

Most people that work at these businesses are very hard-working individuals. Theft is not common. If something is missing, you can ask about it or check back later. Sometimes if you have a small amount of clothes, they get mixed with other items when drying. I have had shorts missing and then a week later they had them for me. I have also had items not mine in my laundry and I returned it to them. They try hard to match everything up with each person. Usually, each person’s laundry is done separately.

Where can you wash your clothes yourself in Playa Del Carmen?

If you cannot find a service that will be available to wash it in one day and you need it or you might prefer doing your own laundry, then there are laundry mats in Playa Del Carmen for that. Mayalav on 18th St. between 30th Ave. and 35th Ave is one location you can do your own laundry. (This is just in front of Mega grocery store area) They are open Monday- Sunday 7am-10pm. This place is very clean, and they sell supplies at the counter if you need soap or softeners.

Most laundry places will offer express service. This is laundry done in 1-4 hours. There is an extra charge for this. A very few dishonest people will say you need to tip extra if you want laundry the same day (a normal service) saying this is express and a special service for you.

Tipping is not normal, but most places have a tip jar. People that work in laundry places work for very low wages and tips are helpful.

Also, if you are a regular customer, a tip never hurt getting better service especially if you need something washed soon.

Dry Cleaners in Playa Del Carmen

Dry cleaners in Spanish are “tintoreria“. Mayalav has one of the best on 35th Avenue between 16th Street and 18th Street.

Do you have questions or comments about washing clothes in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know below in the comments, we love hearing from our readers.

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  1. Thanks for the tips on laundry in Playa del Carmen. I had been traveling for a few weeks and of course you need to do laundry. It was super fast, cheap and easy to go to one of these laundromats.

    • Hello Playa, does anyone know of a laundry service that picks up and delivers. I was using Mr. Jeff, but they do a terrible job, ruined my clothes and charge a lot for the service. Also, the customer service is the worst. They are rude and smug and never take ownership of there mistakes. At times my clothes come back dirtier than they went in. Unbelievable!!

  2. I love the laundry services in Playa. I travel a lot and miss the ease of just dropping off your clothes and picking them up later for about $6. It is one of the great things in Mexico and the prices are equal for tourist and locals. Those people work hard in laundromats so I like to tip or bring them a drink.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. We just got our laundry done on 14th street and it was super clean, fast and cheap. Who needs a washing machine when service is so good!

    • Hello Arthur

      There are no places for laundry since you are on a resort property. You would have to come into Playa Del Carmen to find a place but that would not be worth it since it would cost. It is best just to pay at the hotel.

  4. We found an place that we like, but I think I am mildly allergic to the soap. Would it be rude to ask if I can bring them a dye/scent free detergent to use on my stuff?

    • That would be fine. I am sure they would not mind because it saves them soap. There is Mayalav where you can do your own laundry if it is a problem with them remembering to use your soap, but all should go well. We love the laundry at 14 bis between 30th and 35th. There are two in this block but the one closest to 30th is the one. The people are always friendly and busy. The owner speaks a little English. 20%.

  5. Thank you for writing this very helpful article. We think this is such a great idea for tourist destinations to offer services like this and it’s so inexpensive too.

    We stayed on 24th street and found a small but very clean, inexpensive and friendly laundromat right before you get to the corner of 24th & 30th avenue. Can’t remember the name but will use them again when we go back this autumn.

    • Can you tell us what streets you are near? We are not familiar with that name and a search online was not helpful as well.

  6. Hello, we are at the Grand Palladium resorts about 30km from Playa Del Carmen. We have maybe 10kg of laundry to do. Hotel prices are a bit high I just want to drop it off and collect it a day or 2 later. Any recommendations where please?

    • Really by the time you take a taxi or even colectivo to town and do laundry, it will end up taking half to a full day of your vacation. It is best if you do not want to pay the hotel, hand wash your things and put them to dry. If you did really want to do laundry, the Mayalav is a place you can do it yourself and it can be ready in two hours. Most laundry places have same day service but not same hour or two.

    • Hello, you could check with Mayalav on 18th Street. We see their trucks the most around town. So depending on how much service you have for them, they might be able to do it.

        • There is a place right around the corner from your place. You can find it on google maps. There is a second location on 10th Avenue by 28th Street. We do not think they pickup, so only drop off.

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