El Sangha-Rito Restaurant Information

El Sangha-Rito Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

El Sangha-Rito Restaurant

El Sangha-Rito is a local healthy restaurant that has sandwiches, Mexican food, salads, breakfast and lunch specials. This restaurant is popular with the locals in that neighborhood and the yoga community.

They really have a lot of options on the menu. Below is a photo of a Mexican dish called enmoladas.

El Sangha-Rito Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
Mexican dish-enmoladas

Menu at El Sangha-Rito

There is a very large juice and drink menu with lots of healthy options.

El Sangha-Rito Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
El Sangha-Rito Restaurant Menu

Here is the main food menu. Sorry it is not a more clear photo. Breakfast runs about 63-90 pesos. Salads are about 70-90 pesos. Tortas (sandwiches) are about 50-60 pesos. Mexican plates are about 60-90 pesos.

El Sangha-Rito Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
El Sangha-Rito Restaurant Menu

Lunch Specials at El Sangha-Rito

Monday through Saturdays this restaurant has a menu of the day or daily lunch special if you will. You get a soup or salad, main plate, drink and small dessert. The price is 85 pesos with meat dishes and vegetarian plates for 80 pesos. This is mainly served from 1:30pm-4:00pm. Tip: Don’t come too late or they might run out of the special.

If you like this lunch special you should check out our Lunch Specials Guide for Playa Del Carmen. There are some great deals that are continually going on.

Our Recommendations

This restaurant is good for a healthy bite and good prices. The casual open air restaurant is nice to sit in. This is more likely to get locals since it is on the edge of the downtown and there are so many options for eating closer to where tourist stay. For those using our vegetarian and healthy eating guide you will see this restaurant there and if you are planning out a week of healthy eating on vacation then this might just be one of your stops. For locals this is a convenient place to grab lunch at an affordable price.


Monday-Saturday 7:30am-10:00pm Sundays 8:30am-4:00pm

Location Map

El Sangha-Rito is on CTM Avenue (AKA 46th Street) between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue on the north side of the street.

Have you been to this restaurant before? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. I love this little restaurant. We rented a condo around the corner from here and found it on your website in your vegetarian guide. We ate here about three five times a week. The juices were good and the people were very friendly. Thanks so much for the recommendations.

  2. We have eaten here twice in the past week. The mexican food has been good. We probably won’t go back though, as the timing of things is terrible……the 2nd time, we were done our meals and still hadn’t gotten one of our juices that we had ordered. Also, both times we went, the young man added up our bill wrong. 70 pesos extra the 1st time and 30 pesos the second. If you go, please check your total before you overpay. The juice extractions are delicious.

  3. Our go-to place on CTM for excellent, affordable food. Excellent variety of daily lunch specials, including vegetarian options. Friendly service. We eat here about three times a week.

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