What to do for New Years Eve in Playa Del Carmen 2024

New Years in Playa Del Carmen

New Years Eve Playa Del Carmen 2024

New Years Eve 2024 is coming up soon. What plans do you have? What things are going on in Playa Del Carmen? What restaurants have special menus for the New Year Eve? Here is a list of restaurants that have special menus and what New Years Eve is typically like in Playa Del Carmen for this holiday.

What New Years Eve is like in Playa Del Carmen

New Years Eve is a big deal in Playa Del Carmen! Since it is usually warm and nice weather, it is a great time to get out and have one last hurrah for the year and to ring in another. Here is how the rhythm if New Years Eve goes. 

The days leading up to New Years is a big hectic in Playa. There is a noticeable energy in the air. There are more cars, more people and it is busier all around as everyone tries to get ready for holiday. On the 31st it is calmer during the day. Some are resting, and by 8pm people start to go out for dinner. As the evening wears on, 5th Avenue becomes very full of people, musicians and waiters trying to service all the tables.

At about 11:00pm people start to congregate to watch fireworks. These are just off the beach either by Mamitas or by 12th Street. After the fireworks, families leave to go home, and half the people start to filter into clubs and bars to carry on to the wee hours of the night. Many will stay up all night to watch the morning light break on the new day. The beaches are usually full of people watching the sunrise. Then it is a gradual sloppy return home for a bunch of folks that have been up all night. 

New Years in Playa Del Carmen
New Years Day in Playa Del Carmen is when you will find the beaches full of people greeting the new year and day. It is an unusual time when drunk people and freshly awake people mix.

New Years Day in Playa Del Carmen

After the sunrise, there is a calm that set in. If you are looking for a place to eat early on New Years Day, you might have to look around a bit because many places do not open until noon or later. Lunchtime on New Years Day will offer sufficient places open. Many shops and businesses on 5th Avenue will be open later in the day. 

Since there are a lot of people traveling also on this day, ADO buses are working to and from the Cancun Airport. 

What restaurants are having a special menu?

Just about all of the restaurants in Playa Del Carmens downtown will be open for New Years Eve. On 5th Avenue most restaurants will be busy from 8:00pm-11:00pm. Many people just walk around and see what restaurants have space, but it is good to plan because seating is at a premium. Here is a list of restaurants that are doing something special for New Years this year. We highly suggest making reservations now. 

Thompson Rooftop

The Thompson Hotel on 12th Street and 5th Avenue has become known as one of the best parties in town. They usually have some big DJs, and they always have a great view. What is nice about a party here is that everything is in one place and kind of separated from all the craziness below on the street. This is also one of the most expensive events in Playa Del Carmen for New Years Eve. 

New Years Eve Playa Del Carmen

Zenzi Beach

Zenzi is perfect for ringing in the New Year on the beach. You will find a friendly crowd and a lot of expats here. At Zenzi they offer three menu options for 2,695 pesos. 

New Years Eve Playa Del Carmen

The Admiral Restaurant

The Admiral Restautant is known for quality drinks and food! This restaurant is not in the middle of the action, but you will be in the middle of a very enjoyable dinner that won’t be hastily prepared and served. You will also have one of the New Years dinners that offers value. Pick this place if you want a good meal without all the traffic in the center. 

New Years Eve Playa Del Carmen

La Brocherie Restaurant

For those of you that do not know La Brocherie Restaurant, this small restaurant has been serving up French soul food for years! It will be like going to a family’s house for home cooking! This restaurant is on 15th Avenue by 6th Street. 

New Years Eve Playa Del Carmen

500 Gramos Restaurant

500 Gramos is a local steak restaurant that is popular with locals and tourists. It sits in a courtyard off 5th Avenue between 34th Street and 38th street.  

New Years Eve Playa Del Carmen

La Vagabunda for New Years Eve

At the La Vagabunda Restaurant on 5th Avenue between 24th and 26th Street location they will have the following special menu. Eating here will place you in the middle of Playa Del Carmen and it is easy to walk to the beach or clubs afterward. 

New Years Eve Playa Del Carmen

Other places to check out for New Years Eve

Many places do use their Facebook pages or do not post until late in the month. Some other places to check out are Mamitas Beach Club, they usually have something going on. 

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