Take a tour to experience a traditional Mayan temazcal

Temazcal tour

Visit a Mayan community and experience a temazcal

For some coming to the Riviera Maya you look for unique ways to explore the local culture and also for unique experiences. This is a tour that takes you to a Mayan community and to experience a temazcal. This tour is a more authentic look at the culture and will provide you with a memorable experience. Here is our experience on this tour.

What is a temazcal?

In many ancient cultures there are saunas, sweat lodges and the like. The idea of purifying the body, refreshing the mind or for other health benefits, are attributed to the temazcal culture.

In the photo below you will see a temazcal. Usually these are circular stone or cement structures that are about 4 to 5 feet tall in the center. They can very in size but often only have room for 6-15 people.

In front of this temazcal you can see the fire that is used to heat the stones. There is also a circular wall with four entrances. This is used for the Mayan temazcal ceremony. Each entrance represents the four cardinal points.

Temazcal tour
This is a traditional temazcal. In front you can see the fire that is used to heat the stones for the temazcal.

Learning about Mayan life

If you come to the Riviera Maya you almost forget that the name comes from the people that inhabited this area for thousands of years. The culture is very much alive and you will be able to see some aspects of Mayan culture still used today.

There are traditional houses that you can see and some of the tools and things used in the Mayan homes. You will also get a demonstration of handmaking tortillas. This is a staple of the Mayan diet, and if you have not tasted handmade tortillas, you will be impressed on how much better they are from the machine made ones. We even got to taste this fresh tortillas with a spread made of seeds and it was delicious.

Temazcal tour
See the simple traditions of making handmade tortillas. Plus you get to taste them!

What is it like to be in a temazcal

The temazcal here is for 10 people. Once you enter, you sit around the center on woven mats. In the center is a slight dip in the  floor where the hot rocks go. Once all of the heated rocks are added into the temazcal, a cloth flap is placed over the door.

There is only a solitary candle and the glow of the rocks that light the temazcal. Both of which will extinguish during your time in the temazcal. This leaves the inside of the temazcal black. There is verbal communication so everyone knows that everyone is fine inside. There is also verbal interaction so this is not a solitary sitting in the dark and heat of the temazcal.

A bucket with water and herbs is placed in the temazcal when you go in, and this is used during your time inside. The water is splatted on the rocks and a steam fills the temazcal with slight aromatic scents.

This temazcal is warm to hot, but tourist temazcal temperature. This is good for beginner or intermediate temazcal people. Your overall time inside the temazcal will be about 30 minutes. You will sweat a lot, and this is why you wear a bathing suit into the temazcal.

Is this a religious experience?

Even though this temazcal experience is directed by a shaman, this can be what you want to make of it. Like anything in life, you can either view it to observe, participate or take from it what you want. Some people go to temazcals for health benefits, other for the group experience and others for a spiritual experience.

What comes next after coming out of the temazcal?

Once you exit the temazcal you will feel the night air cooler, even though you are in the warm Caribbean air. Once you adjust a little you will go to the nearby cenote for a cooling swim.

You will walk down the wooden steps to the island in the middle of the cenote. The crystal-clear waters will refresh you. The remote location will make the experience all the more special as you glance up at the shining stars.

After you cool and refresh yourself, you can climb back up the stairs and change clothes for dinner.

 A Mayan cuisine dinner is served

After you come from the cenote, a dinner is served. Here you can have Mayan dishes served with hibiscus flower tea.

Temazcal tour
A candlelight dinner in a Mayan palapa awaits you after your cenote swim.

How to book this temazcal tour

If this experience sounds like something you would like to do while in the Riviera Maya, then you should enquire about booking by calling either:

  • +52 984-147-0606
  • +52 984-190-0847

English and Spanish is spoken.

This tour includes transportation to and from your hotel and dinner. This is an evening tour. The approximate time is from 5:00pm-10:00pm. Bring a bathing suit, towel and change of clothes.

Have you been in a temazcal? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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    • Hello Roy

      The ceremony did take about 40 minutes and then there was some prep time. So there are some traditional features and the shaman took it seriously. he was very gracious at the end as well. Each temazcal is different and each shaman is different. This over tour is a nice evening experience.

  1. We have been looking to try a temazcal. This must of been the one you said you were going to try. Thanks for posting it. We will check it our when there.

  2. When is your next evening.? I am staying at rui palace mexico playacar. How much would this cost i will be attending alone. Thank you

    • Hello Yvonne. You will need to contact them directly via the phone number in the article. These comments only go here to the website. We hope you get to go on this tour because it is interesting.

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    • You comments come to us here at the website. For current price info you will need to call the phone number to get the details for the tour directly from the operator. Thank you.

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