Who to call for Pizza Delivery in Playa Del Carmen

Pizza goodness delivered to your home!

Don Chendo Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen Mexico
Pizza at Don Chendo Restaurant

On those rainy days you might not feel like going out and wonder who will deliver a pizza in Playa Del Carmen and what are the phone numbers. Here is your guide to who to call and what you get. A few of these you can get someone that speaks English. The prices of somewhat similar with the more typical delivery pizza places and it is just a determination of what your style and taste are. Happy eating everyone!

Pizza Delivery in Playa Del Carmen

Tip for pizza delivery in Playa Del Carmen

  • Delivery in Spanish is “servicio domicilio“.
  • Make sure you have small bills and change; delivery persons have limited amounts.
  • Know your address and the Colonia you live in as well as descriptive things for your home.
  • Look out for the delivery person, they often will not knock at your door, just beep the scooter horn.
  • Be nice and tip the driver.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s is good at pizza and that is what they do. It will pretty much taste the same as it does in other parts of the world. They have three locations in Playa Del Carmen but the main one for downtown is on Juarez Avenue between 40th and 45th Avenues.

Phone number: 984-873-1616

Hours: Everyday from 11:30am-12:00 midnight.

Website: http://dominos.com.mx/

Don Chendo

Don Chendo is a popular restaurant with tourist and locals and if you have not tried it yet, you should! This is a eat in casual restaurant with nice setting and also an order out place. Their pizza is a slight Chicago deeper dish style with gourmet toppings. These pizzas are not thrown together for your order but lovingly prepared. Since so much care is taken in selecting fresh ingredients these pizzas just might be your new favorites! Don Chendo is on 30th Avenue between 24th Street and 26th Street.  English is spoken and you can even skype call them if you like at: Don-Chendo

See photo below of an example of their pepperoni pizza.

Phone number: 984-803-5950

Hours: Monday-Saturday 3:00pm-11:00pm

Website: http://www.don-chendo.com/

pizza Playa Del Carmen

Hogar Pizza

This pizza shop is mostly for takeout and delivery. This is a local chain and a slightly less popular than Domino’s Pizza. They have several locations in Playa Del Carmen but the main downtown one is on 30th Avenue and the corner of 24th Street.

Phone number: 984-873-1447

Hours: 12:00-12:00 Everyday

La Famiglia

This is a nice dining restaurant that uses good quality ingredients to make true Italian style pizza. Depending on your taste some consider this to be their favorite pizza in Playa Del Carmen. Since this is a popular restaurant, many people forget that it is possible to get delivery from here. La Famiglia is located on 10th Avenue between 10th Street and 12th Street.

Phone number: 984 202 0512

Hours: Tuesday-Sundays -4:00pm-12:00 midnight

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaFamigliaPDC

pizza delivery in Playa Del Carmen
Four cheese pizza at La Famiglia

Mama Mia Pizza

This is a street side by the slice kind of place, but they can also deliver square pizzas to you and this is a good option if you have a large crowd to feed. The main location is now on Constituyentes Avenue between 25th Avenue and 30th Avenue. 

Phone number: 984-803-3335

Hours: 10:00am-12:00 midnight Everyday

delivery pizza playa del carmen
Tres queso (3 cheeses) pizza slice at Mama Mia Pizza.

Nino’s Pizza

Ninos’s has several locations in Playa Del Carmen but for most people in the downtown you would call their location on 30th Avenue and 22nd street. Nino’s is a true carryout and order restaurant with most people ordering out from them. We would say their pizza is in the top three as far quality and selection.

Phone number: 984-803-0646

Hours: 12:00 noon-12:00 midnight every day.

Pizza delivery Playa Del CarmenPizza Hut

Pizza Hut in Playa Del Carmen is less about being a restaurant and does more delivery. They are located on Juarez Avenue between 30th and 35th Avenue.

Phone number: 984-803-3313

Pizza Mondo

This pizza restaurant is on Constituyentes Avenue between 95th Avenue and 100th Avenue. They have a small seating area for eating in and they also do delivery. They deliver to the immediate area for free. Going out a little farther will cost just 5 pesos charge and up to 25 pesos for the edges of Playa Del Carmen.

Pizza Mondo has a frequent customer card. After 10 of the same size, you get one margarita pizza free.

Phone number: 984-876-5205

Hours: 4:00pm-11:00pm Sunday-Monday. 

What is your favorite delivery pizza in Playa Del Carmen? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you very much for your blogs! We are currently in Playa Del Carmen and have benefited immensely from all the free information you provide. I just ordered a pizza from Don Chendo and love that they use WhatsApp to place your order.

    • Nice! We hope you enjoyed the pizza. They are on our list of good places to eat. Thank you also for reading the website.

  2. Life saver. Cannot begin to describe how difficult it was to order a pizza. Made it half way through you list and finally got someone to deliver!

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