The French Riviera meets the Riviera Maya at Maison Pierre Restaurant

Maison Pierre Playa Del Carmen

Meet Maison Pierre Restaurant

A new French restaurant has opened in Playa Del Carmen. Maison Pierre is a cute bistro café/restaurant in the heart of Playa and just steps from the beach. Here you can enjoy a café and croissant or have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What might be one of our biggest recommendations for Maison Pierre Restaurant is the fact the prices are not oh la la fancy. They are very reasonable, making this even a restaurant that locals can enjoy (see our menu prices below).

Maison Pierre has street side seating with views of the ocean, air conditioned interior or the courtyard out behind the restaurant. This can be a good stop just off 5th Avenue to get a respite from the heat and people.

Maison Pierre Playa Del Carmen
The café section with French pastries at Maison Pierre Restaurant.

Our video introduction of Maison Pierre

Here is just a brief introduction of this cute café and restaurant.

What is the menu and prices like at Maison Pierre?

Breakfast at Maison Pierre

What could be more delicious then a café with a croissant overlooking the ocean? Start your mornings off light or have something a little more substantial off the menu. We really like the ices coffee drinks here.

Lunch Menu at Maison Pierre

You can start your meal with a soup or salad. Prices range from about 70-105 pesos.

The quiches and crepes section of the menu has options from 80-90 pesos.

The main courses for lunch tend to be baguettes and croissants. These are a very reasonable 80-95 pesos. These are mainly French inspired but there is also an international sandwich section if you are craving something besides French.

Dinner at Maison Pierre

Appetizers mostly range from in the 75-85 peso range. Have a look our for their fun fondue appetizer which is always a nice interactive thing for a group.

Salads range from 95-120 pesos. You can find a French favorite Nicoise to other French inspired salads.

There is a soup and pasta section on the menu. Prices range from 85-165.

Main plates of international origin range from 150-290.

French specialties range from 70-295 pesos and include French favorites like quiche to Coq au vin.

Also on the dinner menu are the baguettes and sandwiches. These range from 80-95 pesos.

Don’t forget desserts. They range mainly 17-70 pesos.

Maison Pierre Playa Del Carmen
The salad Nicoise.

Maison Pierre Playa Del Carmen

Maison Pierre Playa Del Carmen
Don’t forget dessert at Maison Pierre.


Monday-Thursday 7:00am-11:00pm. Friday and Saturday 7:00am-12:15am. Sunday 7:00am-11:00pm.

Where is Maison Pierre Restaurant?

Maison Pierre Restaurant is on 8th Street between 5th Avenue and the beach.

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Have you been to Maison Pierre before? What did you think? We would love to hear your comments below.

Maison Pierre Playa Del Carmen
This is the seating area in the back courtyard.


    • We are going to have to get back to you on that. We were there during the day so we were not drinking. We took photos of the menus but did not see alcohol or wine on it. Maybe there is a wine menu. We will check for you. Many restaurants start in Playa and get a liquor license later.

    • Melissa we checked with them today. They are in the process of getting the permission. They expect to have it next month.

  1. We ate here nearly every morning of our vacation to PDC. Delicious. Their French toast with berries was our favorite.

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