See The Beauty Of Cozumel With An Electric Bike Tour

Cozumel Bike Tour
Some of the bikes with electric assist for this tour.

See the coast of Cozumel with this amazing bike tour

Many people stop in Cozumel by cruise or to go diving but there is more to see on this island. We have always liked the east coast of Cozumel because it is raw and naturally beautiful. With this Cozumel bike tour you can see a less visited side of the island.

You might not be up for biking a lot, but this is a special tour, it is with electric bikes! On this tour you can peddle or you can also have the assistance of the electric bikes. This makes it fun for the whole family.

We have driven around Cozumel and seen this side of the island, but have to say that riding a bike gives you a closer experience and freedom to stop and see more. Not only is the bike trail closer to the ocean you are also more aware of  what is around you. Along this route, your guide will show you some of the naturally beautiful spots like the one below.

Cozumel Bike Tour
One of the stops along this bike tour.

What is this bike tour like an what is included

This bike tour leaves in the morning. You meet at the bike shop on the west side of Cozumel, and they drive you and the bikes to Punta Sur, the south end of the island on the east side. Here they will unload the bikes, fit them to your size, give you a helmet and vest, and instructions on how to use the electric bikes.

Once ready your group will take off. The overall route is a flat course. One really nice thing is the road that you ride on. It is the old coastal road that parallels the new road. You have this road just for bikes. About 95% of the time, you are on this road with only a few times you use the new road.

It will be about 14 kilometers to the halfway point. At the halfway point there is a crazy local bar where you stop. Here you can see some tropical birds, buy a drink or food and enjoy the vista.

After resting you will go back the way you came down the coast. You will see turtle nesting areas, birds and other animals. You will also see scenes like the one below. This is what makes this bike route so special. True natual beauty of the area.

Cozumel Bike Tour
Just some of the beautiful scenes along this bike tour in Cozumel.

Lunch on this bike tour

When you finish this tour, you will have lunch included. You have a selection of drinks and plates. We have to say the food is very good and generous portions. Be sure to see the video above to see where you eat lunch. It is another eclectic bar in Cozumel with stunning views.

What to bring on this Cozumel bike tour

Here are some things we recommend for this tour:

  • Sunscreen. This tour is in full sun and being protected is good. We usually recommend biodegradable when swimming in cenotes and by reefs. If you only plan on riding the bikes, then the regular sunscreen is ok.
  • Money for drinks or snack at the halfway point. You also might see a souvenir you want.
  • Comfortable clothes and sunglasses.
  • Camera
  • Money for tips at lunch restaurant and for the guide.

How to book this Cozumel Bike Tour

If this bike tours looks like something you want to enjoy, then click below to get all the details. You can check availability and book right there! We definitely recommend it as a way to see a beautiful part of Cozumel. This is also a great eco tour.

reserve now botton

Cozumel bike tour
Can you see yourself biking on this tour in Cozumel?

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Have you been to Cozumel? Did you do a bike tour on Cozumel? Let us know about it in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. We are going to be staying at the sunscape resort next week. How far it that to the south bike shop and once the ride is over how do we get back. Sounds like we would really love the ride.Thank you….

    • Hello Joe

      They have several rides you can do. This is the one we like the most. You can ask them about transport to the bike shop since it is a little distance from your resort.

  2. If they have several rides you can do, what is this one called so I get the right tour? please and thank you, warm regards, Valerie

    • Hello Kevin

      You can go to the store and rent one, the problem is the distance to the east side of Cozumel. It is far to rely just on electric assist and you need to bike. Since this are bigger bikes, that might be a little bit of work to get around. So the tour is not that bad of an idea because they transport you to the east side and make some stops.

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