Taste the passion of cooking at Copate Che Restaurant

Copate Che Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Taste the passion of cooking at Copate Che Restaurant

Update: This restaurant is closed. 

Do you like finding the hidden gems of restaurants in Playa Del Carmen? Do you like finding the people that have a passion for cooking? Or even better, a great value for your meal? Well, we have a great little place for you. Copate Che Restaurant is run by a husband-and-wife team René and Karla. René, the chef, has cooked in many countries in South American as well as Mexico. Now they have decided to open a small gourmet restaurant here in Playa Del Carmen and share their passion.

We hope you get to go by this small restaurant and enjoy the creations of René and service of Karla.

What’s on the menu at Copate Che?

The main theme of this restaurant is Argentinian food and all the influence from the European immigrants there. This means there are Italian, French, German and other European dishes.

There are few mainstays on the menu here, but the cool thing is, this restaurant changes the menu each Monday. They announce it on their Facebook page. This way you get a fresh menu and also things that are in season.

Below is a sample menu. As you can see it is well thought out and gourmet.

Copate Che Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
Sample menu at Copate Che Restaurant.

Now blind diners at Copate Che!

What is a blind dinner? This is a dinner that you do not know what is going to be served. It is a culinary treat to be treated like the star.  A special one-of-a-kind dinner prepared just for you. The only impute you get is what allergies you have and one taste or ingredient you like. There is no deciding what to order, all of it is taken care of.

Nonalcoholic drinks, a started, main plate and dessert is included in this. Besides a fascinating and changing menu you get to interact with the chef and his wife. Foodies will love this experience! The price is 650 pesos per person.

For 6:00pm-10:00pm Monday-Saturday they present this special offing to guests. Reservations are good to have since it is limited.

Menu prices at Copate Che Restaurant

Prices for a dish usually are around 100-200 pesos. This is one thing that really makes this restaurant stand out. The prices are very reasonable especially for the passion put into the food.

Copate Che Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
Gilled octopus with cous cous.

Hours and location

Copate Che is open Monday-Saturday from 1:00pm-10:00pm. The regular menu is available from 1:00pm-6:00pm and the blind dinners start from 6:00pm-10:00pm.

The restaurant is on CTM Avenue (AKA 46th Street) between 15th Avenue and 20th Avenue on the south side of the street. This is a little north of center in Playa Del Carmen. A taxi is a good option for arriving here. The street looks basic, but the love flows out of this little restaurant.

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Have you been to Copate Che Restaurant? What did you think? We would love to hear your comments below.

Copate Che Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
René and Karla of Copate Che Restaurant.

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  1. The number you published for WhatsApp seems wrong (984-4117-6777 – extra 4 typo)
    It should be 984.117.6777 or from international phone +52 1 984.117.6777

  2. I plan to go try the restaurant out. However, I just wanted to point out that article sounds like a badly-written publicity. May I suggest you have a professional writer/editor re-write it so that it can have a wider publication and readership?

    • Hello Zohra

      Thank you for your opinion. We are not professional writers but do care about the community and want to share the good things of Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya with guest and residents of the area. We do go back and update and refine articles when we get a chance. We are glad that you are going to visit this restaurant, so we guess the article did work.
      If you are suggesting this is a paid publicity or similar, we can assure you that we are not like many publications or website where people pay to get a story about them. We have written about 300 restaurants in the area and love highlighting what places are like and especially highlighting the better ones.

  3. This is our favorite restaurant in Playa just wish they had a liquor license. Since the menu changes weekly we can enjoythese two wonderful people and their delicious food often. They are now back from Argentina.

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