Buying local and things that are made in Quintana Roo

Local Made products Quintana Roo

The” local made” movement has never been more popular in the world and this is catching on in Mexico. Of course everything used to be made locally but somehow people thought that it was better to make everything in a factory and ship things all over the world. Here are some products made in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

 products made in Quintana Roo Mexico and playa del carmen
An exhibition tent of products made in Quintana Roo.

Products made in Quintana Roo

The Yucatan Peninsula has an amazing food and craft culture that is still alive and with a little fostering, the time honored traditions and flavors will not be lost. There are many artisans making really unique products here in our state of Quintana Roo and the adjoining states. A new label for products made in this state “Hecho in Quintana Roo” is now being used to identify products. There was recently an exposition of products from the state and a few products from the region. It is really great to see the unique taste and things made locally.

We are bringing you photos and products made in Quintana Roo and the area. We are including contact and website information when possible, so you can enjoy some of these products. When you get to know more about the merchants and makers you learn the unique history and craftsmanship. It certainly will make things taste even better and give you an appreciation of where things come from and the care from how it was made.


Mayan Ook is a company that designs woven products and works with local communities where weaving has been done for centuries. Not only do you get well made products, but this affords local weavers to stay at home with children and work. You can see some of the women in the photo above. Some of the products include woven ankle bracelets with toe strap, baskets and purses. Contact: [email protected] and they are on Facebook: MAYAN OOK

Local Made products Quintana Roo
Local Made products Quintana Roo

Dona Pura salsas and jams made in Cancun

Local Made products Quintana Roo
Dona Pura jams! So yummy!

If there is one first prize award for taste, then Dona Pura would win! Dona Pura is a jam and salsa company based in Cancun. They put a spin on flavors and have good combinations. Their chimichurri is very fresh tasting and even though there are a lot of Argentinians here in Playa who have restaurants with chimichurri sauce, Dona Pura’s is one to be tried! Our favorite product of theirs is the Chizamora jam. It is a taste you often do not get in Mexico. It has blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and a splash of chili chipotle. Wow! 

Other notable products made in Quintana Roo

Salsas, honey and honey candy, agave syrup, tropical hardwood furniture and household items, jewelry, sunscreen, Rompope liquor, fruit jams and jellies, spices and paste for cooking, dried fruits, horchata, nut butters, tortillas and everything imaginable made from corn, and stevia are all products made in this area.

We hope you enjoy taking some of these things back home with you on from your vacation or enjoying them here if you are a resident. Each time you buy local products you help communities here and local artisans. You can also benefit knowing that many local products are not made with a lot of preservatives and can be organic.

Local Made products Quintana Roo Local Made products Quintana Roo Local Made products Quintana Roo

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  1. Please contact Robert tito concerning sponsorship for a Hollywood golf outing at the mayakoba inn october 2017.It would be great to see local support. Thanks

  2. Dear Sir
    We built a nano beer brewery and a distillery for corn based whiskey in Xcalak Qroo.
    I would like to know how we can get our web site and photos on your Qroo
    web site. I would also like to know if you have some one working with your group
    that growes white corn in this state. Im interested in about three tons of corn per month.
    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
    Thank you
    David Randall

    • Hello

      Your project sounds interesting. We have already sent out some messages asking bout corn for you. We will send you an email later today about ways we can let people know what you are working on. Thanks for contacting us here at the website.

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