Is Corasol the new Playacar of Playa Del Carmen?


What’s new in the Corasol section of Playa Del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, located in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, is renowned for its picturesque beaches, vibrant culture, and a burgeoning real estate market that has attracted both investors and those seeking an idyllic coastal lifestyle. Within this Caribbean paradise, the Corasol development is being developed to offer owners a high level of living experiences.

Corasol is more than just a residential community; it’s a real estate development about green, golf and great architecture. In this article, we will explore what it is like beyond the gates of Corasol, its unique features, and the lifestyle it offers to those who choose to call it home.


Location, Location, Location: A Gateway to Paradise

Corasol’s prime location in Playa del Carmen sets it apart as a coveted destination for those seeking the perfect blend of tropical serenity and urban convenience. Situated just a few minutes from the heart of Playa del Carmen, this development provides easy access to the city’s bustling Fifth Avenue with its restaurants, shops, and nightlife. It is also more accessible to the Cancun Airport with a drive time of about 40 minutes. At the same time, the tranquility of Corasol offers an oasis of calm amid the lush tropical landscapes and the beach.

Where is the Corasol area of Playa Del Carmen?

For those of you who have been around Playa you might remember this area as Gran Coral. It is now changed to Corasol. The boundaries are the 307 Highway, the road to Xcalacoco, the beach and to the south Nicte Ha and Punta Esmerlda. The entire area of Corasol is a gated community. 


What are the projects you can purchase in Corasol?

Some of these are in presale, some are already built, and some are under construction now. 

The Village

This is one condo building that was designed by renowned Sordo Madaleno. The building itself was designed to blend into the horizon and give and indoor/outdoor feeling to residents. 

Residences range from one to four bedrooms and 925 to 2,690 square feet, each with breezy, modern floor plans, organically inspired finishes, state-of-the-art appliances and extended open-air terraces. There are 6 different floor plans to choose from. the unites are airy and feel a little like a modern Tulum style. 

Corasol Village condo
Inside one of the condos at The Village in Corasol.

The Palm Villas

This limited collection of 22 Sordo Madaleno-designed estates is framed by verdant, privacy-enhancing jungle foliage and overlooks the rolling greens of Corasol’s world-class golf course crafted by Nick Price. These villas have modern interiors that open seamlessly to grand outdoor living spaces. There are two models to choose from, one is a 4-bedroom villa, and one is a 5-bedroom villa. There are very few options like this in the Riviera Maya.

Costa Residences

Do you want a million-dollar view? Well, this might be one of the best chances you have! The Costa Residences are 66 exclusive residences designed by the renowned CUAIK firm Architects. In total there will be six buildings facing the sea. The Costa Residences offer between approximately 1,026 m2 of habitable space up to approximately 3,290 m2. The first two levels you will find incredible restaurants in a private and comfortable environment. The beach club in front of the residences offers once of the more natural and beautiful beaches in the Playa Del Carmen area. 

Costa Residences Corasol
On of the Costa Residences that has been built in the Corasol area of Playa Del Carmen.

La Escondida

These are 32 exclusive residential lots from 700 m2 (7534 square feet) to 1,160 m2 (12, 486 square feet). These lots start at 16,400,000 pesos or about 963,500 USD. 


Mareazul is a condo complex that is already build in Corasol. This complex is one of the few complexes right on the beach. It has 237 meters of beach front, 129,500 m2. of surface space and 30,000 m2 of green spaces. If have not been to Mareazul you are missing seeing one of the largest pools in all of Playa Del Carmen. 

Contact Sebastian for more information about Corasol

In our video, Sebastian is highlighted and since he is so knowledgeable about the Riviera Maya and actually lives in Corasol, he is a great person to talk with. He and his team have helped many of our readers find properties in the area. 


Tip: If you include information like what you are looking for or specific project, time frame, budget and a phone number and best time to talk, this helps them to send all pertinent information to you in a timely fashion. 


The Crown Jewel: Oceanfront Living

One of Corasol’s most alluring features is its oceanfront real estate. The development boasts an array of exquisite beachfront condos and private residences that offer stunning, unobstructed views of the Caribbean Sea. These oceanfront residences are designed to encapsulate the essence of coastal living, with private terraces overlooking the turquoise waters.

For those of you who are familiar with Playa Del Carmen, there are actually very few beachfront properties and even less with a view like this! We like the area of Corasol because it is more natural, and you can find some of the best beaches. 

Views, and more views! is what you get from the Costa Residences. This is looking south toward Mareazul.

World-Class Amenities of Corasol

Corasol is providing its residents with an exceptional lifestyle. The development features a diverse range of amenities, including a world-class golf course designed by the renowned Nick Price. This golf course, woven into the natural landscape, offers a challenging and picturesque golfing experience that avid golfers will cherish.

For those who seek relaxation, Corasol offers a luxurious spa and wellness center where residents can unwind and rejuvenate. There are also gourmet restaurants, fitness centers, and a beach club to enhance the quality of life at this exclusive enclave.

Costa Residences Beach Club
The beach club in front of the Costa Residences.

Environmental Commitment: Sustainable Luxury

Corasol is dedicated to preserving the local environment and embracing sustainable practices. By incorporating green technologies and preserving natural habitats, the development minimizes its ecological footprint. The mangroves and flora within the property have been carefully preserved, allowing residents to connect with the region’s rich biodiversity. Of the total area of Corasol, 34% is to be used for construction and 66% is reserved for nature. This means that Corasol has some of the largest concentration of green spaces for a development in the Riviera Maya. 

Diverse Real Estate Options

Corasol offers a diverse range of real estate options to cater to the unique preferences and needs of its residents. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront villa, a contemporary condo, or a secluded estate, Corasol provides a selection of housing options designed to meet the expectations of future residents. 

Life at Corasol: A Dream Realized

Living at Corasol is a celebration of coastal living at its finest. With pristine beaches at your doorstep, world-class amenities, and the bustling charm of Playa del Carmen within reach, residents are offered an unparalleled lifestyle experience.

Imagine starting your day with a stroll along the beach, followed by a round of golf in the lush greens, and then indulging in gourmet dining as you watch the sunset over the palm trees. The tranquility, the luxury, and the natural beauty of Corasol make it a dream come true for those who choose to call it home.

In conclusion, Corasol in Playa del Carmen is more than just a real estate development; it’s a testament to the fusion of nature and luxury, the preservation of the environment, and a commitment to sustainable living. With its unparalleled location, diverse real estate offerings, and world-class amenities, this all offers a promising an exceptional quality of life for its fortunate residents.

Some of the views from the Costa Residences in Corasol.

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