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Sol Jaguar Gift Shop on 5th Avenue-Authentic Mexican Crafts

Sol Jaguar shop Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Sol Jaguar gift shop

Sol Jaguar is a small gift shop on lower 5th Avenue that has been there for years offering their arts and crafts from around Mexico. We actually have been told about this store from our readers several times which must mean it is a popular gift shop. Even though this shop is small they offer a lot of small crafts that are quality and easy to wrap up to take home.

Victor and Maricarmen has been running this shop over the years and have gotten to know many tourist and some that return year after year. Each year they bring in new artist and products so customers have a new selection of Mexican crafts.

Sol Jaguar shop Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Mexican trees of life and death all made out of clay and very detailed.

One interesting thing they have are the “Arbol de la vida” or “Tree of life” crafts. This is a very Mexican craft which dates back some 3000 years in Mexico. The “tree of life ” is loosely based on the biblical history of the Garden of Eden. These ceramic art pieces can take two weeks to three months to make. The ones at Sol Jaguar are some of the most ornate little ones we have seen in Playa Del Carmen.

Other crafts like the hand painted animals are done by famous Mexican artist Jacobo and Maria Angeles. They are based in village of San Martin Tilcajete, located about 1/2 hour outside of Oaxaca City. These are so intricately painted which is part of the art and beauty of the pieces.

Sol Jaguar shop Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Some of the things at Sol Jaguar store on 5th Avenue.


Sol Jaguar shop Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Quality crafts you can fidn in this store.

If you are looking for quality pieces for your home why not check out Sol Jaguar on 5th Avenue. Victor and Maricarmen speak basic English, Italian and French and lots of Spanish to assist visitors.


10:00am-10:00pm Monday -Sunday


Located on 5th Avenue between 4th and 6th Street on the West side of the street. (opposite the beach)

Email contact

Have you been to the Sol Jaguar gift shop before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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Sol Jaguar shop Playa Del Carmen Mexico


12 Comments on Sol Jaguar Gift Shop on 5th Avenue-Authentic Mexican Crafts

  1. I would like to be an exchange person or find a host family in Playa del Carmen

  2. Hello! I went to Sol Jaguar last month buy some arts and now I want to buy more. Can you please contact to me? Thanks
    Wania Ventura

  3. Hello! How can I make an online purchase?

  4. I love the textiles in the store. I would love to have the same textiles in the my store located in the U.S. Would there be anyway to find out who the vendor is or vendors are?

    • Hello Cheryl

      Since they don’t have a website there is no way to ask them except by going by. We don’t know if you are in Playa or will be soon to ask. Most textiles come from Oaxaca and Chiapas States in Mexico.

  5. I am sorry for the delay! I appreciate your response! Do you know of the particular makers of these textiles. I was advise that if we know the maker, we could find them on the web.

    • Hello Cheryl

      We don’t know what makers they have in the store. One thing you will soon realize in Mexico that not a lot is online. For example this store does not have a website or even Facebook. Most makers sell to distributers and stores make the profits. If you are a designer it is good to visit and get to know the makers and buy directly from them. Visiting Chiapas and Oaxaca are good.

  6. I bought a hanging hummingbird from you two years ago.
    Could you tell me if it would be possible to send me another one in a different colour please.
    To England.
    Also the price it would cost me.
    I got it from Sol Jaguar. Thankyou.

    • Hello Julia

      Your comment has gonna here to our EverythingPlayaDelCarmen article about this shop. You will need to contact them directly to ask your question. Thank you.

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