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The Mexicantina style restaurant of Sin Yolanda Maricarmen in Tulum

Sin Yolanda Maricarmen Restaurant Tulum

Sin Yolanda Maricarmen Tulum

Sin Yolanda Maricarmen is a bar/restaurant located on the Tulum beach road. It is just at the beginning of the road where all the restaurants and businesses start. The restaurant has the food culture of a Mexican canteen that serves Mexican food and national drinks but in a trendy atmosphere.

Sin Yolanda is an open air restaurant with a colourful design and modern Mexican style. The first part of the restaurant is an open air space flanked with concrete and colorful tile. The back of the restaurant gives way to garden seating. The ambience is very casual and relaxed so you can enjoy by yourself or with friends. In fact, right in front of Sin Yolanda Maricarmen Restaurant there is an entrance to the public beach. So after a good meal you can go for a walk and enjoy the ocean paradise.

Sin Yolanda Maricarmen Restaurant Tulum

The back garden of Sin Yolanda Maricarmen Restaurant in Tulum.

Our video introduction to Sin Yolanda Maricarmen Restaurant

Here is a little more what this restaurant looks like and our description.

The menu at Sin Yolanda Maricarmen

First of all, the prices of the dishes are very affordable. Their specialties are the aguachiles red, dark and green which is a typical seafood dish from the Pacific Coast of Mexico. The menu is Mexican where you can find tostadas, tacos, brick oven pizzas and some specialties dishes.

The house specialty cocktails are made from mezcal and tequila. Also, there are artisanal beers in case you want to taste something more local.

Sin Yolanda Maricarmen Restaurant Tulum

The Mediterranean tostada with shrimp and octopus.


Sin Yolanda Maricarmen Restaurant Tulum

Shrimp tostada.


Sin Yolanda Maricarmen Restaurant Tulum

The brick oven Yolanda Pizza. Goat cheese, grilled onions and light tomato sauce.

Menu prices at Sin Yolanda Maricarmen

Here are some samples prices off the menu.

  • Aguachilies 165 pesos
  • Tostadas 47-72 pesos
  • Tacos 50-150 depending if you get one or a full order.
  • Pizzas 180-265

Our recommendations

This is one of the good tasting and affordable restaurants in the Tulum Hotel Zone. If you are looking for a taste of Mexican cuisine or a good pizza, this is a good place to check out. This is not a beachfront restaurant but Sin Yolanda Maricarmen gives you the Tulum vibe.

Phone number for Sin Yolanda Maricarmen


Hours at Sin Yolanda Maricarmen

Open daily 3:00pm-10:00pm

Where is Sin Yolanda Maricarmen Restaurant?

Tulum Hotel Zone Km. 5.4 This is on the west side of the road.

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Have you been to Sin Yolanda Maricarmen Restaurant? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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