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Get your bagel fix at Robin Bagels + great sandwiches!

opening a business in Playa Del Carmen One of Robin Bagels great sandwiches.

Welcome to Robin Bagels

Looking for bagels in Playa Del Carmen? Robin Bagels has you covered! With handmade bagel goodness and delicious sandwiches, this is a place to check out.

The café type restaurant has a few counter seats inside and one table outside. It is  a very clean restaurant with inexpensive beverages as well. Expect friendly service here. English, French and Spanish spoken.

Unfortunately they are not in the center which would be a good tourist restaurant. So this bagel restaurant will have to be reserved for locals and for people make the effort to visit.

What’s on the menu at Robin Bagels

Robin Bagels Playa Del Carmen

The menu at Robin Bagels.

Bagels in Playa Del Carmen are hard to come by and even harder to find that are not super market quality. Here they hand make their bagels with a lot of varieties too. If you want to get one or some, you can get a bag of bagels here to go.

The menu offers sandwiches at very reasonable prices. The photos pretty much speak for themselves so we wont go into much detail about how delicious they are. They are great sandwiches with good combinations.

If you are not up for a sandwich, you can get a bagel with one of Robin Bagels dips.

Robin Bagels Playa Del Carmen

This is the smoked salmon with cream cheese bagel.


Robin Bagels Playa Del Carmen

The Popeye bagel with chicken and goat cheese.

Place your order ahead of time

Since each sandwich is hand crafted the moment you order, it is good to give them a heads up if you like. Then there is no waiting line at the restaurant for your bagel. They have a WhatsApp number for you to pre order:  984-136-2835

Hours and location of Robin Bagels


Monday-closed Tuesday-Saturday 7:00am-2:00pm. Sunday -Closed.


This restaurant is not in the center of Playa Del Carmen. It is on Avenida 115 with Calle Mision del Oro. This is close to the new plaza and Los Olivos neighborhood.

Have you been to Robin Bagels? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

Robin Bagels Playa Del Carmen

The exterior of Robin Bagels.

4 Comments on Get your bagel fix at Robin Bagels + great sandwiches!

  1. These bagels are the best in Playa del Carmen!!! We are back home and Montreal(one of the world’s bagel destinations) and haven’t yet found a spot that caters such great-tasting products with the varieties found at Robin Bagel’s.
    It is definetly worth the find.
    Enjoy!! We will be back soon!!

    • We are so glad you found this spot while here. We also love finding good local businesses and supporting them. We hope to see you soon back here.

  2. Robin begals are absolutely delicious!! They make a fresh begal sandwich that taste so yummy! When I go for a begal sandwich, I take a few bags of frozen begals home with me. I take them from the freezer to the toaster and they taste fresh. They are already sliced so that makes it easy! Robin begals is the best!

  3. Gerardo De León // March 30, 2019 at 12:38 PM // Reply

    Hola Robin, ¿cambiaron de lugar su local? Pasé ayer y hoy y no lo vi abierto, tampoco su publicidad de siempre en las puertas. Déjenos saber a dónde encontrarles para seguir siendo sus clientes asiduos.

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