Playa Del Carmen is Starting to Open Again!

Playa Del Carmen opening

Playa Del Carmen is opening again, slowly

What has been a long time for everyone, the government of Playa Del Carmen has announced starting June 8th, 2020, things will start to open again. This is a cautious step to opening back up businesses, tourism and more for those that live and like to visit the area. Below are the details. 

Starting  Monday, June 8, the orange color at the Epidemiological traffic light of the Activemos Quintana Roo Plan, announced by the state governor, Carlos Joaquín González, the municipal president, Laura Beristain Navarrete, stressed that the economic reactivation in the municipality it will be responsible, orderly and gradual. The mayor of Playa Del Carmen hailed the efforts being made at the state and federal level for the economic recovery of Quintana Roo, so that today it is possible to take a new step in establishing the new normality.

It is important to mention that the color in orange will only apply to the municipalities of the north of the state and the south remains in red.
Playa Del Carmen has been the first municipality in the state to implement health, hygiene and safety protocols that businesses must observe to prevent COVID-19 spreading to their employees and customers. The measures go according to the specific technical guidelines for the return to economic activities established by the Secretaries of Health, Labor, Economy and IMSS, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF).
With the entry into force of the orange traffic light, the activities authorized for its gradual reopening are: general groceries and self-service stores, banks, construction, fishing and agriculture.

Playa del Carmen opening
This is the traffic light system that will dictate when things will open and to what percent.

What things can open now in Playa Del Carmen?

The following tourist activities are allowed to open 30%:  lodging, tourist transporters, theme parks, public and private, golf courses, tourist guides, diving operators, restaurants and food sales, theaters and cinemas, shopping centers, hairdressers, massages and spas, religious centers, home stores and informal street commerce.

Although outdoor activities are allowed, beaches and public parks are kept closed. Jobs related to cleaning, hiring, packing and administrative services, consulting and construction services are authorized to open 50%.

To see how things are coming along in Playa Del Carmen, check out these webcams

We will continue to keep you informed for further information regarding the opening of more services and businesses. Lets all work together for a good recovery, as well as be patient, so we can be safe. 

El Diez Restaurant
The old normal is not the new normal, but we all look forward to getting back to it.


  1. Cinemas won’t actually open until we are in yellow. They aren’t open yet. I think you missed the latest info they put out.

  2. I checked the link below regarding: “Fresh Seafood and Meat Markets in Playa Del Carmen”
    It’s a bit out of date and I’d appreciate an update. We went to El Mero Mero Pescaderiafor years, but the last two visits in 2019 they were closed. No notice that they’ve moved. A sad loss.
    Do you know if they moved, or is there another fish market that is as clean and sanitary as El Mero Mero was?

    • Thank you for mentioning this. We will update this article and look for new seafood shops that have opened.

  3. Hi,

    My family is traveling on the 28th and would like to have an update of what to expect, thank you.

    • Hello

      More things are slowly opening. There are some parks open like Xcaret and the upper end of 5th Avenue is not under construction like the south end. The beaches are not open to the public yet, but we expect this to happen this month. They are open in front of large hotels. It will be a little more normal by then as everyone gets used to traveling this summer.

  4. What shopping is open? Is the mall open? When you say south end of 5th Avenue how much of a stretch is under construction? Does it Start on Constitution and go south down to the park by the pier? We will we traveling there in Sept.
    thank you

    • Hello Alice
      The construction on 5th should be done before you come, so you will have a nice new stretch of 5th to walk. Currently about half or a little more of the stores are open, and by September most things should be open.

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