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What the Aquarium in Playa Del Carmen is like and what you can see

Quinta Avenida

The Aquarium in Playa Del Carmen

Update: As of Feb 2020 the aquarium in Playa Del Carmen is closed. L’Aquarium has opened it’s aquarium in Playa Del Carmen. This is another activity for tourist and locals to experience. We stopped by the see what it is like and share with you.

Your tour will start from the  entrance on Calle Corazon from the second level. Take the escalators up. The aquarium covers three floors of the Plaza Corazon building, which affords an opportunity for the largest tanks to be on the lower level. In each room there will be guides that can explain the exhibits. English and Spanish are spoken.

Our video introduction of this aquarium in Playa Del Carmen

More about this Playa Del Carmen aquarium project

This project was created by Blau Life in conjunction with experts to provide an education center for learning about our marine life. This project is supported by the Ministry of Education in Mexico.

L’Aquarium  hopes to promote the care and conservation of endangered ecosystems. They also hope to be  educational as well as an entertaining place for families to come and visit while in Playa Del Carmen.

Playa Del Carmen aquarium

Coral display in the aquarium.

What does this aquarium feature?

L’Aquarium Playa Del Carmen has more that 200 species in 45 exhibits. You are able to see such marine life as corals, sharks, jellyfish, starfish, rays and a multitude of fish.

To ensure the health and maintenance of the habitats, L’Aquarium uses an advanced pumping system that filters 7 million liters of water. This provides an excellent condition for the species to live. There is also daily supervision from specialist to make sure conditions are similar to sea life.

Playa Del Carmen aquarium

A display of jellyfish in the aquarium in Playa Del Carmen.

Where is the Playa Del Carmen aquarium?

L’Aquarium is in Plaza Corazon. This is where Calle Corazon used to be. This plaza is between 12th Street and 14th Street just off 5th Avenue. The entrance to the aquarium is on the second level of Plaza Corazon on the front side facing 5th Avenue.

How much is the entrance cost and hours of  L’Aquarium?

There are three prices for entrance:

  1. $ 15 USD for foreigners.
  2.  179 pesos Nationals (presenting official photo ID)
  3. 149 pesos Quintana Roo residents (presenting official ID with photo)
  4.  140 pesos older adults presenting credentials INAPAM.

You can purchase your tickets at the aquarium on 14th Street. The entrance is here and so is the ticket booth. This is between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue.

Note: This aquarium is wheel chair accessible. There are elevators to all levels.

Hours of the aquarium

The aquarium will be open daily from 11:00am-9:00pm.

Customer service phone number


Have you been to the new aquarium in Playa Del Carmen? What did you think? Let us know your comments below, we would love to hear from you.

Playa Del Carmen aquarium

Lionfish exhibit.

18 Comments on What the Aquarium in Playa Del Carmen is like and what you can see

  1. For foreigners who own a house in Playacar and have owner photo IDs issued by Playacar administration, do they qualify for the Quantanoo Roo resident rate of admission? Similarly, do they qualify for the reduced Cozumel ferry rate for Q-Roo residents? Please enquiry and let us, the Gringos, know. Gracias.

    • Usually residents are identified by drivers license or your residential visa. Each company and person can interpret the laws differently. So for each for each place you will have to ask directly to them. Most of the time there is not a big fuss over it if you have some id that show you are local, but true residents will have an official id as well. If people are here on a tourist visa, technically you are not a resident.

  2. Noel Laszeal // November 1, 2016 at 12:09 AM // Reply

    I had not idea this aquarium was opening in Playa Del Carmen. We have been here for a month and would of missed it if it was not for your website. Thanks.

    • Carlos Romero // August 15, 2017 at 9:33 AM // Reply

      I am not a gringo, I am a poor mexican farmer but I know english very well. You should have said : “would have missed it” instead of “would of missed it”. Greetings from The Land of the Mayas!!!

      • Hello Carlos
        You should know that many of our readers are from non English speaking countries. We have many readers that speak Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Romanian just to mention a few. So it is not a correct assumption that just because this website is in English that is our readers first language or gringo.

      • It was a typing lapse that can happen to anyone specially typing with smart phones so stop being an anal retentive hombre wanna-be!!!

  3. Loved it! The young guides were knowledgeable and very nice. The cenote exhibit was unexpected. Children should find it very entertaining.

  4. I dont know what to think obout the aquarium, its like having a zoo in África.
    I might be wrong but theres no such envió mental education seein cautive animal

    • We agree that animals in their natural habitat is good. Unfortunately many people will never be able to scuba dive to see some of the sea life and if people get to know more about our eco system they will treat the ocean better. Out of sight and out of mind sometimes keeps problems from coming up. Keeping aware of what is going on in the oceans and why we should protect them and not pollute our ground water is a good message to get to people that visit the aquarium. They are also growing some coral reefs and will place them in nature. This coral reefs only grow under certain conditions which they are able to produce here. True, this aquarium is not idea but we hope it does highlight the need to stop polluting our oceans and focus on eco tourism and education.
      One thing you will not see on our website is swim with the dolphin tours. We work hard to promote eco and cultural tourism.

  5. My wife, and 3 year old daughter just checked it out the other day, and it was a pretty cool way to spend an hour or so. The kiddo loved seeing Dory, Nemo and the gang, and they did a great job with the ambiance, lighting, and the decor. Not sure we will go again, but it was cool to check out and worth the $.

  6. Our family of 4 visited the aquarium by accident while dining and shopping in the heart of Playa del Carmen. I was very impressed with the level of service and the educational explanations that were given by the staff of the aquarium. We had an especially informative explanation given at the tide pool while observing live rock, coral and handling a beautiful starfish. The set up of the aquarium with mirrors and mazes also makes it a distinguishing experience. Thumbs-up.

    • Hello Nicole

      Many people have been leery of visiting, thinking it might be like a swim with the dolphins type of thing. It is done well and it is good to hear they are doing so much education and conservation outside of the aquarium. We hope to write about some of the things they are doing because education will help some people from polluting and destroying our fragile eco system here.

  7. Good Afternoon,
    do you guys have any octopus exhibits?

    • Hello Dorian

      We are not the aquarium but the website that wrote an article about them. But we can answer your question. We do not think there are any octopus exhibits there but there is plenty to see otherwise.

  8. I took my family to the aquarium and it was very impressive. Well done and animal friendly.

  9. We just visited the aquarium, it was a great recommendation, thanks.

  10. Josue Braxton // April 22, 2017 at 8:00 AM // Reply

    I was skeptical about what the aquarium would be like but it was impressive and well done. It is a nice addition to Playa Del Carmen.

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