News and Updates from Playa Del Carmen June 20th 2020

Playa Del Carmen taxi stand
The taxi stand outside fo the ADO station in Playa Del Carmen.

News and Updates from Playa Del Carmen June 20th 2020

New rules in effect for public transportation

Public transport in Playa del Carmen is  made up of 127 busses, 345 combis (minivans) and more than 3 thousand taxis, These all  continue to work at 50%  capacity to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 in the municipality.

At this time only 60 busses, 150 combis and 1,500 taxis are in circulation. They will alternate until the epidemiological traffic light changes color.
The Director of Transport and Roads, Manuel Pérez Mendoza, recalled that Playa Del Carmen turned orange at the epidemiological traffic light of the “Reactivamos Quintana Roo” program on June 8, but in the case of public transport, it continues to apply the color red.  In this case, busses will only be able to circulate at 50% of their capacity and the colectivo combis with a maximum of 10 passengers. It is required to have masks, the same as the operator of the unit.

Public Bus in Playa Del Carmen

Regarding the protocols implemented, he specified: “The units must continue with periodic sanitization, and at the bases, operators will have disinfectant gel and a soap and water dispenser for frequent hand washing.”

While the vehicles will be subject to review controls by the inspectors of the Directorate of Transport and Roads to verify that they comply with the hygiene, health and safety measures established by the authorities of the three levels of government.

The official recalled that public transport is vital for the mobility of thousands of people in Playa Del Carmen, which is why the importance of not letting your guard down with sanitary measures to prevent the spread of the virus, in such a way that there are signs in the bus stops to keep the healthy distance between users and temperature measurements will continue randomly.

Finally, he invited users that if they detect any unit that does not comply with security measures, such as going to its maximum capacity, do not use it and report it to the Directorate of Transportation and Roads.

Back to work for more than 45,000 residents

The Mayor of Playa Del Carmen, Laura Beristain Navarrete, assured that in the new normal  and the recent change to orange in the epidemiological traffic light of the Activemos Quintana Roo Plan, in Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras at least it has been 45% of the economic units in the municipality have been reactivated. This means more than 45 thousand jobs have been recovered.

The mayor added that: “We have started the gradual reopening of essential and non-essential activities in Playa Del Carmen, businesses can now open with the maximum health protection measures and with 30% of their capacity.” She emphasized that contagion prevention measures and healthy distance must be respected, since they will allow us to preserve the health of our community and continue with the opening of shops. Each business must have  evidence of training and compliance with protocols officers in the field of COVID 19, which is issued by COFEPRIS in Playa del Carmen.

To this end, Laura Beristain, stated that she will maintain a direct approach with the productive sectors (business associations, restaurants, hoteliers, employers), as well as civil organizations and religious associations to start all the measures that must be implemented for a safe return and gradual to the new normal.

Laura Beristain Navarrete, recalled that the businesses can operate at 30 percent in this gradual reopening of the economy are hotels, tourist carriers, tourist guides and dive operators, shopping malls and religious centers, theme parks and clubs golf, restaurants and food sales, theaters and cinemas, hair salons, decoration, clothing and shoe stores.

The Fives Downtown Hotel
One of the rooms at The Fives Downtown Hotel.

Continued effort to control mosquito population

The Playa Del Carmen government, with the support of the State Health Secretary, is working together to keep the municipality healthy and free of breeding grounds for the mosquito that transmits feverish diseases. The director of Physical and Mental Health, Héctor González Rodríguez, informs that on the instructions of the president Laura Beristain Navarrete, before the arrival of rains, he doubles his efforts.  At least 50 temporary workers will be hired shortly to combat  mosquito with the fumigation brigades.

The doctor explained that fumigation is only part of the solution.  Participation of citizens plays a determining role. Residents are asked to clean areas such as roofs, bases of pots and other areas where water collects.  This effort will eliminate the breeding grounds for mosquitos.

As a complementary measure and with the support of the Ministry of Public Services, the first stage of the “Fuera Triques” program was implemented, from June 4 to 18. While from June 18 to July 7, it is expected to continue with the second stage, reaching the subdivisions and colonies: Toscana, Santa Fe, Bosque Real, Misión Las Flores, Bellavista, Ejidal, Las Palmas II, Mundo Hábitat, Bellavista, Zazil-Ha, Galaxia I y II, Luis Donaldo Colosio, Misión Villamar I y II, Los Olivos, July 28, Misión del Carmen, El Petén, La Guadalupana and Villas Riviera.

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  1. Lets see 10 people in a Local Van, which means 10x10x10x10 and so on in one van over a day… Virus is on surface, transmitted from rider to rider… no wonder we have increase in Virus. But of course no one is allowed on the beach, even 10m away from others… and if you get caught $2800 pesos fine.. even if alone on beach, but you can be in a van of 10 people x 100. Not too Smart. Fact on Fine for beach, I paid it.

    • De acuerdo. Está bien estar en un espacio cerrado como el cine pero no al aire libre como la playa. No tiene sentido

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