Medical Care and Physical Therapy in Playa Del Carmen

Physical Therapy in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Many people that are thinking of or already moved to Playa Del Carmen look into medical care and options here. Especially if you are Canadian because you are used to medical care being easily provided. While some people have gone the way of getting medical insurance others have taken the a la cart method of paying for care only when necessary. Cost can be reasonable in Mexico for care. We wanted to bring you information on this rehabilitation and physical therapy center to tell you what they offer.

Centro De Rehabilitacion Fisica Y Deportiva or Fiso Playa for short offers care for fractures, muscle pain, chronic muscle pain, facial paralysis, before and after surgery therapy, physical rehabilitation, scoliosis and dislocated shoulders. This covers a lot of physical injuries or age related ailments.

Physical Therapy in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Dr. Pedro Gomez is the doctor that will see you. He is from Cuba and as the reputation goes, Cuba is know for its good medical training and Dr. Gomez lives up to this reputation. He is a Specialist in Sports Medicine, specializes in Physical Medicine and Traumatology, and has been practicing since 1985. So you will be in good care if you go here.

Dr. Gomez speaks Spanish but if you don’t the woman in reception also works as a medical translator and will be happy to assist you. This is a common practice so don’t feel shy if you are not fluent.


The initial visit cost 500 pesos and you receive one free session of treatment.

In the same office there are services offered like acupuncture and a Psychologist. .


Monday-Friday 9am-2pm and 4pm-8pm

Saturdays appointments only


Just north of the Central ADO bus station in the center of Playa

Av. 20 Norte entre Calles 12 bis and 14

Colonia Centro, 77710 Playa Del Carmen

Phone number

984 803-5117


They also offer acupuncture at this office. It is by appointment only. It is done by a Canadian woman who speaks English and Spanish.

Cost: 540 pesos for visit. If you live in Playa Del Carmen the cost is 400 pesos.


  1. I went here after falling on my arm and was treated very good by the doctor. After some rehab I was able to get full range of motion back. This is a good place to go for physical accidents in Playa del Carmen.

  2. We had an appointment for 9 a.m. today but Laurie Kern couldn’t make it physically. I have tried calling numerous times to reschedule but can’t get through to you. Could you con tact us by email so we could reschedule. Thank you

    • Hello You have contact us here at the Everything Playa Del Carmen website so. You will have to try whatever method you have to contact the medical center.

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