Some of the Mayan ruins could be opening soon!

Mayan ruins open

A possible plan for opening some Mayan ruins 

Little by little the Riviera Maya is awaking the tourism engine again. An opening date for the beaches in Playa Del Carmen has been proposed and now a plan to open some of the Mayan ruins. A visit to one of the ancient Mayan ruins is usually one of the top attractions for tourist visiting the region. After being closed completely for months, there is a plan to gradually open the archeological sites in Quintana Roo. 

This was reported by the director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Quintana  Roo (INAH), Margarito Molina Rendón, who said that the four areas considered for the first stage of the reopening are Tulum, San Gervasio, Coba and Muyil. This first stage will begin towards the end of August 2020. After the first four sites are opened again to the public, the plan is to expand to 9 other sites in Quintana Roo. Margarito Molina Rendón added that the Mayan  Museum in Cancun will be the next site to reopen to the general public. 

Mayan Museum Cancun
The Mayan Museum in Cancun could soon be open to the public again.

What things need to be met to open the ruins?

These areas may resume activities in the event the epidemiological traffic light goes to yellow, in addition, repairs are required to optimize the service infrastructure of the toilets.

In addition to the above, the director stressed that to be within the new normal, the activation of a health security protocol is also contemplated, which they hope to have ready by the end of this month and will be prepared in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism.

 Regarding the economic effects, he said that after four months of inactivity in the archaeological zones, the economic damages are not quantifiable. For example, for the more popular ruins of Tulum, it is possible to garnish over $18,000 USD a day in just entrance tickets. There has been a great impact on local communities that surround this archaeological sites as well. Guides, crafts people, hotels, tour companies, just the mention a few things, have been hit hard by the closures. 

Stay tuned for updates on our website for things that are opening and news from the Playa Del Carmen area. 

Non touristy things to do in Playa Del Carmen
Muyil Ruins site just south of Tulum


  1. Just saw that the traffic light for the area was changed to yellow?? Any word on when Tulum ruins will open? supposed to be visiting there next week!

    • Most tours are taking reservations for it and it was heard to be opening on the 7th of September but we have not had a confirmation on that. The opening of the ruins has been a range of dates and not a lot of hard dates given.

  2. I was able to enter Muyil on Friday, September 4th. The man at the site told me they just opened that day but you can’t find any information about it anywhere. It is still listed as closed as of today, Monday, September 7. I was completely alone in Muyil for 2 hours, then finally 2 other people entered. It seems very disorganized because the man at the Muyil site didn’t seem to know very much about what is going on, and he is a government employee. I think the government is afraid to publicize the openings because people will come in droves and it could be a disaster.

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