Interview with Faik Geci- World Traveler and Videographer

We caught up with Faik Geci who is a new resident of Playa. He is bringing his life experiences and professional skills here to see what happens next. Here is a brief interview for our readers.

Where are you from?

I am from the former Yugoslavia. I grew up in Holland though.

What brought you to Playa Del Carmen and why do you live here now?

I love the climate, water, nature and the diversity of the Yucatan. That is what brought me to Playa Del Carmen. I live here now because I love a place where so many cultures live together.

What do you enjoy doing in Playa Del Carmen?

I like participating in sports, for example riding my bike. Each day I go to the French Café and take my laptop.

What are some of your favorite places in Playa?

Well I have to say the truth, I need to discover more of Playa Del Carmen. So I don’t have any favorites yet.

Since you recently moved to Playa Del Carmen what tips do you have for people thinking of moving here?

Bring more culture and have an open and cultural mind.

How did you get into video production?

I started filming at a very young age. I believed through the camera that I could change the world and that is what I still believe.

Where did you go to school for video production and what have you done during your career?

I went to the Holland Media Academy. After that I started working for a TV station where I decided to go as a freelance videographer to conflict areas and war zones. I lived in Iran for one year and spent seven months in Iraq. I spent 10 years traveling around Africa.

What type of services do you offer people now?

Since I worked for different European TV stations  I can make video commercials and video clips about subjects, products, commercials, documentaries etc.  I have my own camera and professional sound equipment.

Thank you Faik for taking time to talk with us today and welcome to Playa Del Carmen.