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How Two People Can Eat For Only $2.70! Expat Cooking Guide

Eating cheap Mexico

We are introducing our expat cooking guide for people living in Mexico. Everyone asks what is the cost of living in Mexico and the answer always depends on what you want your lifestyle to be and how much you conform to local ways of doing things. Since most people that have moved to Mexico live on some kind of budget we wanted to show you easy, healthy, and inexpensive meals.

This meal just might be the most inexpensive at just $1.35 a serving. It is called entomatadas. This healthy option is vegetarian but you can opt to make it with chicken. Here is the list of what you need to buy.

Mexican cooking entomatadas tortillas media cremaOne white onion…2.50 pesos

One pack of fresh tortillas…8.00 pesos

Cilantro only 1/4 bunch needed…2.00 pesos

One bag of refried beans (preferably Isadora brand Bayos)…11.00 pesos

1/2 box of media crema…4.00 pesos

One box of tomato puree 7.50 pesos

Total: 35 pesos

Here is how you make entomatadas. Take half the onion and slice it very thinly. The other half chop finely. In a saucepan pour the entire contents of the tomato puree and add the thinly sliced onions with a little oil. Heat the sauce, cooking it a little and softening the onions. If you have fresh cracked pepper it is great if you can add some to the sauce. Cut open the bag of refried beans and microwave them only the heat them but no too hot because you will need to handle them. When the onions are softened and the sauce heated, turn off the heat. Take one tortilla at a time and dip it in the sauce coating both sides. Place the tortilla on plate and add refried beans. Add a little of the chopped onion and then roll up. This process will involve your hands and it can be a little messy but that is just cooking for you. After you get them rolled and on plates take any remaining sauce and pour it over the entomatadas. Add chopped cilantro and then pour some medio crema over the top. Enjoy!!

Makes two servings of 4 entomatadas.Mexican cooking entomatadas media crema

Tips: You can add cooked chicken to the beans for a heartier meal.

You can use day old tortillas because they will soften in the warm tomato sauce

Fresh cracked pepper makes it much better