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Fishing for good seafood restaurant on 5th Avenue? Try El Muelle

El Muelle Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

El Muelle seafood restaurant

Update: El Muelle Restaurant is not permanently closed.

El Muelle is a seafood based restaurant in Playa that is fairly new on the scene  but has a regular following now among both tourist and locals.

It is hard for a restaurant to be at it’s best everyday but El Muelle has a good start by crafting a good menu. Below are photos of the stuffed calamari with goat cheese and mixed ceviche. Ingredients including seafood are fresh and not just your typical recipes for ceviche or other dishes. Overall you will enjoy your dinner here and have a good experience and have better seafood than most other places.

El Muelle Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Stuffed calamari with goat cheese.

El Muelle Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

We usually don’t comment on service in Playa Del Carmen because one day it can be good and the next day there are different people working there and you don’t enjoy the experience. Our general advice is don’t go to a restaurant for the service, go for the food. If it takes a while, just enjoy the people watching on 5th Avenue.

El Muelle Menu

The menu is not extensive but large enough to give you options and enough to keep going back. Ceviches come in two different sizes and can be fun to share and taste the varieties. If you are looking for fish, ask about the catch of the day. They work with local fisherman to get what is in season.

Prices at El Muelle

Appetizers go from about 80-135 pesos. Ceviches go from 100 -140pesos  for the small size and 166-200 for larger sizes. Main courses including whole fish dishes start at 180-280 pesos.

El Muelle Restaurant Playa Del Carmen


El Muelle is on 5th Avenue with the corner of 32nd Street


Monday-Saturday 5:00pm-11:30pm Closed Sundays

Contact information

Phone: 984-803-0073


Have you been to El Muelle Restaurant? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.