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Coco Beach Eco Market in Playa Del Carmen

farmers market Coco Beach Eco Market Playa del Carmen Mexico

Coco Beach Eco Market in Playa Del Carmen

For people visiting Playa Del Carmen and those that live in Playa Del Carmen, the Coco Beach Eco Market can be an interesting place to visit. For those visiting here short term, it can be a great way to mingle with local expats and buy some treats for your stay. For those who live in Playa, the market can be a fun way to socialize and find homemade food that you cannot find in stores.

Where is the Coco Beach Eco Market?

The market is every Friday from 9am-11am. Get there early for the best selection, things go fast and favorites even faster. The market is on CTM Avenue (AKA 46th St.) inside of the Les Alizes condos (that is between the beach and 5th Avenue). We took some photos to help you find the place. It is on the left side as you go down the hill toward the beach. There will be a sign out front. The market is in the center of the complex around the pool.

coco beach eco market playa del carmen map

What does this market have?

There is a nice cross section of vendors selling everything from handmade wood products, jewelry, Italian food, French farm spreads, scented soaps, French tarts, fresh vegetables, eggs, paintings and more.

The market represents the growing international community in Playa Del Carmen. Venders of French, Mexican, Italian, American, Argentinian, and Canadian backgrounds are all represented. The common language being predominately English. But don’t worry, if you speak food, you will be able to do just fine.  So start your weekend off Friday mornings and pick up some good eats for the weekend. See you there.


6 Comments on Coco Beach Eco Market in Playa Del Carmen

  1. Farzeven jehan // November 4, 2015 at 6:22 PM // Reply

    I’m excited to check this out in April 2016! And kava market too!

    • We love the Kava Kasa Market the best. There is a nice range of products and a nice community atmosphere. Make sure to check out Anja’s baked goods! There is always something good there like lavender lemon cake!

  2. We tried to find the Coco Beach Eco market last year but missed it. With these directions, we’ll try again this year 😎

  3. Is the market still operating?

    • Usually for the summer it is closed. There are more people in the winter that are in town to support it. We do t think it is open now.

  4. I just read on facebook that this is open again until April.

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