Cache Boutique Hotel in Playa Del Carmen-A review

Cache Boutique Hotel in Playa Del Carmen

Many people have written to us and asked us about this hotel because it often has a tempting price and seemingly good value offered. We visited this hotel to do an inspection and wanted to bring you these photos and information.


Cache Boutique Hotel is brought to you by the same owners of In Fashion Hotel and La Tortuga Hotel. The Cache Hotel Boutique offers 26 rooms with two levels of accommodations, deluxe and superior. The rooms vary by bed size and the superior rooms have a private balcony. Some rooms have a tub, which is not common in Playa Del Carmen.

The hotel has a modern feel to it and an artsy lobby as soon as you walk in. There are bilingual staff there to help you. Cache Boutique Hotel in Playa Del Carmen

Breakfast is included in the room which is provided at the sister hotel, La Tortuga, just a few blocks away. This is a nice feature because the restaurant there is not just a typical hotel breakfast bar.

The pool and patio sit one level above the street overlooking the park. The pool is not huge but adequate for an afternoon dip. It is usually a very quiet area because there are just a few rooms here and most people are out at the beach.


Room rates range from about $62 USD-$134 USD. We just plugged in some dates on link on the side of this page to check. Most people we have talked to have booked at the lower rate and been very happy with this hotel.


This hotel is located right in the center of Playa Del Carmen. It is about 3 1/2 blocks to the beach and one block to the pedestrian street of 5th. Avenue. It is located on the corner of 10th Avenue and 10th Street.

Cache Boutique Hotel in Playa Del CarmenThe more important thing is that it faces in part the Palacio Municipal (City Hall) and park. This is an important thing to know because the park is used for cultural and festival events in the City. This can range from concerts to carnivals. This is important to mention because there can be a sound factor. Most events are over before 11:00pm or sooner but if you happen to be there when there is an event and you want a quiet afternoon  at the pool or a nap, you might have some noise to contend with. Most guest however do not have issues with the noise.

There is no master list of events that happen in the park so it is hard to know when there might be an event. You can however plan on having some live entertainment nearby for Carnival which is the five day celebration at the end of February, Semana Santa or holy week associated with Easter, September 16 which is Mexican independence day, and Christmas concerts in late December. This of course might be a plus for staying at this hotel since you will be so close to the action and cultural events in the city.

Next to the hotel is a casino, but there is never anyone there nor can you see in. So this is really a non factor about staying at this hotel.

The hotel is also only about 1 1/2 blocks from Walmart. So this makes it easy if you need some beach supplies or wine to drink y the pool.


All in all many people find the Cache  Boutique Hotel a good value in Playa Del Carmen. It is walkable to most places downtown and easy to get to the beach without paying beachfront prices. The hotel is very clean and new feeling. It opened about early 2013.

Cache Boutique Hotel in Playa Del Carmen Cache Boutique Hotel in Playa Del Carmen


  1. I stayed here for a week during late October. I really think this hotel is a great value. First, its location is outstanding. You are only two blocks from 5th Ave, but far enough away you don’t have the worst of the late night party noise. You are just a couple blocks from other essentials such as Walmart and banking options. Next the staff is great. They are very helpful and friendly. The breakfast restaurant, Como Como, is a few blocks away, but it is good quality. There were a few architectural flaws (a few small missing bathroom tiles, some paint issues, etc) but honestly, a quest for detail perfection in PDC is a bit quixotic. After all, on the next block, you find utility poles and trees in the middle of the narrow sidewalks, and one pole in the street. While I was there, I had friends staying at other similar hotels in the neighborhood. They reported mornings with no water, street parties going till three in the morning, etc. I had no such complaints. Cache is a great hotel!

    • Thank you Brent for your review. It seems like you really understand this place. Glad you enjoyed it and your stay in Playa Del Carmen.

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