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Wok Playa Restaurant Review

Wok Playa Del Carmen Wok Playa in Paseo Del Carmen Mercado.

Wok Playa is an Asian inspired restuarant, mainly Thai tasting. Here is our review.

Wok Playa

Wok Playa is well known for its vintage wood plank walls. This restaurant was in the Mercado Paseo Carmen but has now moved to a new location as mentioned below.

Menu at Wok Playa

The menu is pretty straight forward and not overly complex with too many choices. Rice, noodles and soups with Thai or Asian taste. It is hard in Playa Del Carmen to find all the flavoring ingredients but they do a good job bringing it together. We like the fact they offer brown rice or jasmine rice. Most dishes can be prepared with different meats and vegetarian style.

The proportions are nice. The wood bowls look pretty big but they have a thick bottom so that are not as deep as they might seem.

Prices are generally 100-140 pesos for a bowl which is good for the taste and quality but a little expensive for a market. Note: Drinks are not on the menu and that means prices are not either. Just note the Lychee soda is 50 pesos each. It is made in Mexico and artisanal.

They do have vegetarian options here so we have added them to our Vegetarian and Healthy Eating Guide to Playa Del Carmen.

Wok Playa Del Carmen

The menu at Wok Playa.


Wok Playa Del Carmen

Thai fried rice.


Wok Playa

Yellow curry bowl.

Our Recommendations

With not too many Asian food restaurants in Playa Del Carmen this is a place where you can get some. The food is healthy tasting with good fresh ingredients. It is better then some Thai restaurants in Playa Del Carmen. If you are in the middle of town and want some Asian food and do not mind spending about 160 pesos for a plate and drink then check this place out.

Hours Open

Monday-Sunday 11:00am-11:00pm

Where is Wok Playa? Map

Wok Playa has a new location on 1st Avenue between 26th Street and 28th Street.

If you like eating out in Playa Del Carmen, you might want to check out our Restaurant Guide to Playa Del Carmen. We have hundreds of restaurants for you to check out.

Have you been to Wok Playa? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

4 Comments on Wok Playa Restaurant Review

  1. This restaurant looks good. I like shopping at Paseo Del Carmen when I am there so this market looks like a good place for lunch.

  2. Hellen Lindt // November 1, 2016 at 8:22 PM // Reply

    The Wok has some really good Asian food and the bowls are delish!

  3. I adore the Asian food at Wok. This is a good place to stop at when in Paseo Del Carmen shopping area.

  4. Great noodles and bowles. One of the more authentic Asian food places in Playa Del Carmen.

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