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The Little Teapot on 5th Avenue

Over 150 teas to try!!

The Little Teapot

Update: As of May 2017 The Little Teapot is closed. You may first think that “tea” and “Playa Del Carmen” do not go together at all but think again. Other coffee shops gets plenty of people wanting a hot brew or caffeine during the day. This local caffeinating spot offers hot and cold drinks including coffee. The really interesting thing is the 157 teas they offer, and you MUST smell them. The smells of the teas are amazing. We personally love the almond cookie tea that evokes memories of Mom making sugar cookies.

The Little Teapot

The hostess working there will give you a tour of the teas and guides you to what you are looking for and explain the differences. The experience is nice and you have a great place to sit and watch 5th Avenue pass by as you sip on your hot or cold drink.

In addition to tea they offer home made cupcakes, really special peanut butter cookies, wraps, sandwiches, salads, yogurt cups, and juices. Just look at the peanut butter cookie below. It is a delicious homemade cookie they offer.

The Little Teapot, playa del carmen, cookie

The famous peanut butter cookie at The Little Teapot

With nice touches they have added to their business we are sure you will have a memorable experience stopping by this local, one of a kind place. This is the best place for tea in Playa Del Carmen.

Check out our video here. We found the cutest host to explain to us the teas. We are sure you will enjoy watching.


Monday -Sunday 6:30am-11:00pm


The Little Teapot is located on 5th Avenue between 26th St. and 28th St.

Have you been here before? What is your favorite tea from here? Let us know in the comment box below.

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