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Sushi in Playa Del Carmen- Sushi Lalo Wey

Sushi Lalo Wey Playa Del Carmen

Everyone is always asking us where to get good sushi in Playa Del Carmen. We are brining you another option you may not have found yet. Sushi Lalo Wey is located in the new food market on 10th Avenue. This small counter sushi bar will fill your cravings for sushi. They have a small menu and are expanding it now to bring you more options.

We like the quality of the food here. The rice is great and the rolls are a little thicker then other sushi places in Playa Del Carmen. Everything taste very fresh and the flavors are very good as well. We like the three drinks they offer, jamaica, and two infused waters, all for just 12 pesos each. There are also nice small touches at this place we like. When you order they give you a spiral cut carrot and beet salad with dressing and sesame seeds. The dishes and containers are nice along with the fresh ginger and decorative wasabi.

Sushi Lalo Wey Playa Del Carmen

This is the Maki Yisus roll (rice, shrimp, cucumber, and avocado) for just 55 pesos!

Prices are very good here. Maki rolls start at just 40 pesos. Most everything is 55 pesos or under so you are able to mix and match or get sushi and a drink for under 70 pesos.  These prices are so good, why would you ever buy cheap sushi at Walmart anymore let alone overpay at some other sushi places?

Overall this is a very good value place, delicious and with very friendly service. Lalo and Pazza are usually behind the counter (pictured above). Tell them hello when you go.

Sushi Lalo Wey Playa Del Carmen

New menu item.

Hours at Sushi Lalo Wey

Open 9:00am-9:00pm Monday-Sunday

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Location Map

Sushi Lalo Wey is in the Nuestra Senora De Carmen Mercado De Playa on 10th Avenue near 10th Street. It is in the back half and on the second level.

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