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Salt Rock Grille Restaurant-A taste of the Americas

Salt Rock Grille Playa Del Carmen

The Salt Rock Grille is a restaurant on upper 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen. This restaurant has just changed hands and we stopped by to see what has changed and what it is like. Here is information on the menu and a video.

The Salt Rock Grille Restaurant

The new owners, Ken and Laurie moved to Playa Del Carmen to live out their dream of being in Playa Del Carmen. This restaurant appealed to them and they wanted to create a place that offered good food to people. Together they have been working together to make this restaurant their own. They are a very outgoing couple that likes to meet people in Playa. Why not stop by an meet them.

Our video introduction to the Salt Rock Grille

Since video tells more of the story we wanted take this brief video for you.

Menu at Salt Rock Grille Restaurant

This restaurant is described as a taste of the Americas. This means there are dishes here from Canada (like poutine), United States (like jambalaya), or South America (like Argentinian Arrachera). This restaurant has a cross selection of dishes that included seafood and Mexican. Below are sample prices.

Price on the menu

  • Appetizers: from about 90 pesos to 130 pesos.
  • Salads: from about 75 pesos to 140 pesos.
  • Main courses: from about 150 pesos to 230 pesos.
  • Burgers and sandwiches: from about  110 pesos to 130 pesos.
  • Signature cocktails: 135pesos-145 pesos.
  • Cocktails 105 pesos-120 pesos

Now for some photos of the dishes here.

Salt Rock Grille Playa Del Carmen

Goat cheese salad.


Salt Rock Grille Playa Del Carmen

Seafood pasta with calamari, shrimp and mussels.


Salt Rock Grille Playa Del Carmen

Beef with mashed potatoes and vegetables.


Salt Rock Grille Playa Del Carmen

Brownie and ice cream at the Salt Rock Grille.

Where is the Salt Rock Grille?

This restaurant is on 5th Avenue between 34th Street and 38th Street. It is right next to Club de Cerveza.


Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Facebook Page

For this and all the restaurants in Playa Del Carmen see our Restaurant Guide here.

Have you been to the Salt Rock Grille? What did you think? Let us know in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you.

6 Comments on Salt Rock Grille Restaurant-A taste of the Americas

  1. Well done video! It’s good to see you accurately representing their food and business as their Facebook page has food pictures they’ve taken from the internet and tried to pass off as their own.

  2. Hi, I was just thinking about Salt Rock Grill the other day. I did not know there were new owners. I will have to go by and check it out.

  3. Nice write up and video. We will have to check out this restaurant, it is around the corner form our condo we rent.

  4. This restaurant is nice but they have to relize there are dozens of restaurants all around them and many of them are specialty restaurats. I dont see how this one stands out. In fact it even does not stand out because the location sets back from 5th Avenue. Why would someone say I wan to go to the Salt Rock Grill tonight? Tey have good drinks? Yes they do but the prices for the specialty cocktail of 145 pesos is close to some places that offer a great setting or view like Catch Restaurant. If someone says the food is good, yes but so are dozens of other restaurants. I hope these new owners find their rythm soon and make it stand out soon.

  5. I went to dinner here aqnd met the owners. Nice couple that cares about the place. That is always a good start to a restaurant.

  6. We will have to stop by this restaurant. We are always looking for new places to check out in Playa Del Carmen.

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