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Our interview with personal trainer Sergio

Personal Trainer Sergio Playa Del Carmen

Meet Personal Trainer Sergio

We met up with Sergio who was a personal trainer at the Evolve Gym on 24th Street in Playa Del Carmen. We asked him about his background and what his philosophies are for training. Below is the interview with Sergio.

Personal Trainer Sergio Playa Del Carmen

Personal trainer Sergio.

What is your fitness background?

I have been a boxer, mixed martial arts, UFC, and full contact fighting. I was also into cycling and downhill skating competition.

Why do you like fitness?

Because I have been involved in so many sports, it all comes back to being fit so you can do them. So I was always interested in the gym. Unlike a sport like boxing where you are up against a competitor, in the gym you are competing against yourself. You are your own competition and you can never beat yourself, so fitness is always on ongoing process.

How did you come about living in Playa Del Carmen?

My father had property in Tulum that he wanted to sell, so I came to the area. When I got to know Playa Del Carmen, I liked the energy and vibe.

I had been living in the United States and also in San Luis Potosi Mexico. San Luis Potosi is a very Mexican town in comparison to Playa Del Carmen. There is such an international feel to Playa and it is as if it is a separate part of Mexico.

Why did you choose to work at Evolve Gym and what do you like about it?

It is really about the people. Everyone from the front desk to the people in the gym have a good attitude and it is a place you can just be yourself. It is not a place where you have to where certain clothes to fit in.

What is your method of training?

When training someone I don’t like to bounce around the gym. I like to isolate what we are working on. I expect a lot from my clients and want hem to work hard. During training I like to focus on controlling eating, cardiovascular fitness and also can help clients gain mass and volume if they are looking for that.

Where do you like to eat in Playa Del Carmen?

Well, I usually cook all my own food. If I do go out, I like to go to 100% Natural on 5th Avenue and Salade Restaurant on 10th Street and the corner of 15th Avenue.

Personal Trainer Sergio Playa Del Carmen

Personal trainer Sergio at Evolve Gym. 

Personal Trainer Sergio Playa Del Carmen

Personal trainer Sergio at Evolve Gym.

10 Comments on Our interview with personal trainer Sergio

  1. Gonzalo Colloca // December 15, 2016 at 7:54 PM // Reply

    Si hablamos de entrenar de verdad…hablamos de Sergio. Muy buen nivel de entrenamiento, muy variado y preciso con la técnica. Sus detalles en las rutinas hacen la diferencia.

    Here is an English translation for our English speaking readers:

    If we talk about training really … we talk about Sergio. Very good level of training, very varied and accurate with technique. Your details in the routines make the difference.

  2. Hardcore??? Doesn’t even begin to describe what a workout with Sergio is! I feel like I’ve thrown to the trash the past months solo training… I can already feel the transformation with him! I didn’t cry with the Lion King or Bambi… but Sergio made me tear up on shoulder day… It’s an intense yet amazing feeling! I am sure I will reach my goals with him faster than expected! Thank yoooooou!

  3. Pini avraham // December 15, 2016 at 8:15 PM // Reply

    I hope that a lot of people are about to read it because its really important to know it…

    I was training like 4 years alone by myself without any trainer, and, after 4 years I met this gut, Sergio, and the only thing that I want to say and I need to say its… Wwwwwoooooowwww!!!!!

    He change all my mind about all the actions that I used to do and make my body to get big change and grow like creaZy.

    So believe me… If you want a real trainer, a good trainer…

    You need to choose thr king Sergio!!!

  4. Sergio is the coolest guy in the world. I have the privilege of being his friend. He is hilariously funny and serious at the same time. He will have your back in whatever you want to persue.

  5. I did train with Sergio in SLP, he is an excellent trainer, i really recommend him

    • Hello

      That is great to hear that you remember Sergio from San Luis Potosi. It speaks very well of him that people give him good recommendations for him as a personal trainer. Thank you for your comments.

  6. Entrenar con Sergio no sólo me cambio físicamente sino también mentalmente, la disciplina q el tiene no sólo me ayudo para entrenar también fue para cambiar mis hábitos, jamás había entrenado como el entrena, realmente estoy muy contenta y feliz de que seas mi couch. No duden en que el los entrene por que realmente hace que veas cambios físicos, saludos Sergio

    Here is the English version of this comment for our readers:

    Training with Sergio not only change physically but also mentally, the discipline he has not only helped me to train was also to change my habits, I had never trained as he trains, I’m really happy and happy that you are my couch. Do not hesitate to train them because it really makes you see physical changes, greetings Sergio

  7. If you are looking for a kick a** workout and want to see results fast, Sergio is your guy! I started training with him about 5 months ago and he is by far the best trainer I’ve ever had, hands down. I saw results in the first two weeks! He knows the best techniques and workouts that are catered to your needs. Also, Sergio showed me how to plan meals and he keeps me really motivated to get my butt to the gym everyday! I definitely recommend!!!!

  8. I am from San Francisco and have been active in sports for long time! I started lifting and working hard for a year and half. Have trained with many trainers and never was impressed! I came to play on vacation and planed to workout with out the stress of work. One day I walked in and very happy I met Sergio and worked with him for a week!! He is professional and most of all very very impressed with his knowledge of how he focuses on everdays workout isolating different muscle… rare to find trainers passionate and push you to reach your goal! FOR ME PUTS HIM #1 Sad I won’t be training with him but learne a lot Thank you! One month training with Sergio? I could see my self to change 90•! Keep up the good work and l hope to work with him in the near future!

  9. Sergio Mendez // January 11, 2017 at 8:19 AM // Reply

    Thanks guys for your feedback, this is a one on one efort, I’m looking forward to train with you guys again in the near future. I think… Change your mind set, change your body, healthy mind healthy body!

    PS: this is a mental sport! Convince yourself and your body will follow!

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