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Pasta Y Punto Restaurant Review

Pasta Y Punto Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Pasta Y Punto is a lunch style counter in the Mercado Paseo Del Carmen where you can get a quick and freshly made pasta. This is a nice stylish place that gives a high level of service for a market.

The menu has Italian and Mexican inspired pasta dishes and also a Thai noodle dish. They also have crepes which are a meal for 75 pesos each.

Prices range from 120 pesos-150 pesos a dish for pasta.

Below is the Thai noodles. The portions are generous.

Pasta Y Punto Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Thai chicken noodles.

Menu at Pasta Y Punta

Pasta Y Punto Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Menu at Pasta Y Punto

Our Recommendation

The Mercado Paseo Del Carmen has some good options for eating and this is one of them. This is a good option for decent pasta if you want a more casual atmosphere then a formal restaurant and lower price. If you work in the area then this most likely will not be very affordable everyday but once in a while it is nice to dine here.


Monday-Thursday 12:00 noon-10:00pm Friday -Sundays 12:00 noon-11:00pm.

Phone Number



Pasta Y Punto is located in the Mercado Paseo Del Carmen on 10th Avenue between Juarez Avenue and Calle 1 Sur. It is behind the Paseo Del Carmen shopping plaza.

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