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Nice to Meat you! Old Jack organic meat shop opens in Playa Del Carmen

Old Jack Organic meat Playa Del Carmen

Where to buy organic meat in Playa Del Carmen

Update December 2017: Old Jack has closed. We will update you if they reopen in Playa Del Carmen.

For those that have spent any time in Mexico or Playa Del Carmen for that matter, you might know that meat from the grocery store is not the best quality. The area where we live is not exactly cattle country as well. So there are limited places to get quality meat in Playa Del Carmen. Old Jack Meat Shop is hoping to win over residents and tourist with their organic meat.

Not only is the quality good, it is organic and grass feed meat. This means that is does not contain any hormones or antibiotics. We can personally attest to the good quality Old Jack sells. The prices are also good, so quality does not always have to cost more.

When you visit the store make sure you talk to Vicente the owner (he speaks English and Spanish). He knowns just about everything about meat. He told us great cooking tips, how to tell good meat, why organic is better, and information on the ranch where they farm.

What type of organic meat does Old Jack sell?

For now they are carrying beef and lamb. Below are some sample prices and cuts of meet they carry. This prices are per kilo.

  • T-bone 324
  • Asado/Short Ribs 298
  • Ribs Prime 245
  • Rib Eye 418
  • Tomahawk 394
  • Arrachera 208
  • Sirloin Tip Center Roast 349
  • Round Steak 296
  • Jive 394
  • Copete 394
  • Top Sirloin 315
  • Cuete 235
  • Chuck Steak 235
  • Top Round Steak 324
  • Arrachera Gallo 418
  • Cola 235
  • Cuadril 296
  • Diezmillo Steak 296
  • Brazuelo 295
  • Thin Skirt 349
  • Neck Steak 324
  • Molida Especial 296
Old Jack Organic meat Playa Del Carmen

One of the freezers of organic beef at Old Jack Meat Shop.

All of the meat is frozen in clear packs with the meat shown so you can see the quality. The meat comes from a farm near Escarcega, Campeche. This is the other side of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Where is the Old Jack Meat Shop?

Old Jack Meat Shop is on 10th Avenue between 38th Street and 40th Street. This is in a small plaza. There is parking in front.

The official address is: Avenida 10 Norte, Mz 149 Lt 7 Local 11. Colonia Zazil Ha

Old Jack Organic meat Playa Del Carmen

This is the front of Old Jack Meat Shop so you will recognize it.

Contact and hours of Old Jack Meat Shop

Phone number: 984-873-0047



Hours: Open daily from 10:00am-8:00pm

Old Jack Organic meat Playa Del Carmen

A photo from the farm in Campeche where the cows come from.

11 Comments on Nice to Meat you! Old Jack organic meat shop opens in Playa Del Carmen

  1. At last organic meat for our barbecue parties!!! Just what was needed!

  2. I have tried the meat there. My family and I loved it..The problem of looking around for thick cut steaks is over

    • That is great to hear Randy. We also love the quality of the meat. On top of good quality the owner really knows his stuff and it will be nice to see how he expands his business. He is already going to get some Mexican made grills that should be nice and affordable and some other products that will be nice additions to the store. We love finding places like this.

  3. I don’t see filet mignon listed, do you know if this is available? I find it hard to get this cut of meat in Mexico. Maybe it is called something different and I am not aware of the name.

    • If you call Old Jack the owner will know for sure about the names of meat and if they have it or something similar. He speaks perfect English and is very knowledgeable. If you are outside the country and don’t want to call, we will see him tomorrow and we can ask for you.

  4. I will be back in Playa beginning of March and will have a grill on our condo terrace. I would love to know if they have that cut, and we will be sure to shop here for our grilling night. Thanks!

    • Hello Mary

      We stopped by tonight and asked. The filet mignon is cut out of the T-bone. So they decided to offer the T-bone for now. Otherwise you have T-bone with a circle cut out of it. There might offer this in the future but for now, there are lots of cuts available and you can buy the T-bone and cut out what you want.

  5. Do you sell organic sliced cold cut meat and cheese. My 5 year old grand-daughter eats organic food. We are coming in August 2017 and I would like to know if I can buy organic foods in Playa del Carmen. Thank you very much

    • Hello

      You have written to us here at and not to Old Jack Organic Meat store, but don’t worry we can answer your question. Currently they do not have cheeses. You can check the small market next to the Clorofila Restaurant on 30th for organic cheese.

  6. Im headed that way at the end of he month,, I would like to visit the farms where jack gets his cows from. Have any contacts?

    • The farm is in Campeche so it is on the other side of the Peninsula. You can always ask him about the farms and see if you have time to visit.

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