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NAU Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant

Nau Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant Playa Del Carmen Interior of the Nau Restaurant

NAU Restaurant is a Mediterranean style restaurant with surprising value, service and gourmet flair. This is one that you should put toward the top of your list of nice restaurants to try in Playa Del Carmen, here is our review and why you should visit here.

Nau Restaurant

The Menu at Nau

This is a Mediterranean seafood style restaurant and more. On the seafood side of the menu you can expect to find fried squid, clams, sautéed squid, lobster and seafood rice, grilled octopus, tuna, salmon, fresh fish and shrimp in dishes.

But for you meat lovers there is a selection of things to choose from like mozzarella wrapped with Serrano ham, 6hour confit pork ribs, Angus Rib Steak, or Mediterranean chicken.

The Food

Each dish is created and presented by their chef from Barcelona, Spain. There is a focus on a gourmet meal for customers with nice presentation.  Quality ingredients and fresh seafood. Their fresh fish is bought from Puerto Morelos, which is just north of Playa Del Carmen. See the food photos below!

Prices at NAU Restaurant

  • Appetizers run about 80-150 pesos.
  • Side dishes are 40 pesos.
  • Fish dishes start at about 180 pesos and up with some costing market price.
  • Meat dishes range from about 190-310 pesos.
  • Desserts range from about 55-75 pesos.
  • Drinks and cocktails range about 80-135 pesos.

The atmosphere of Nau Restaurant

This fresh open air restaurant is decorated nicely. It is not overly loud and nice place to actually have a dinner conversation and actually hear each other. It is a more calm atmosphere then eating at most places on 5th Avenue.


Open daily from 1:00pm-12:00 midnight.

Now for the food photos!!

Nau Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Yucca chips black pepper and lemon with olives.


Nau Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Patata Brava Shots


Nau Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Tuna Tataki with exotic vinaigrette.


Nau Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Six hour confit pork ribs with papaya chutney.


Nau Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Flatbread with rosemary and roasted red pepper, eggplant and onions with s aside of greens.


Nau Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Pork Shank in port wine sauce with carrot puree and scalloped potatoes.


Nau Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Chocolate temptation dessert.

Our recommendations for Nau Restaurant

This is a very good gourmet restaurant that is seafood and more. Both seafood lovers and meat lovers will find the menu ample and those that appreciate fine food will really like the value. You will get much better quality here, service and value than most other similar restaurants on 5th Avenue. Definitely take the time to check out this restaurant. Walk the one and a half blocks off 5th to enjoy the food here and gain so much more.  For a fine dinning experience in Playa Del Carmen this should be in your top picks.

Why eat at a restaurant off 5th Avenue?

Many tourist come to Playa Del Carmen and walk the pedestrian street of 5th Avenue. There is about 22 blocks of shops and restaurants to look at. Many of the restaurants on 5th Avenue count on tourist walking by to stop and fill the seats up. After these people leave more arrive.

When you are a restaurant off of 5th Avenue you have to work hard to have repeat customers and have word of mouth spread. Since these restaurants tend to be more small scale, they often can focus more on the service and food and offer a more special occasion to guest. This is true of  NAU Restaurant and you should be pleasantly pleased with both food quality and service.

Our video of NAU Restaurant

How best to make reservations

Since this restaurant has gotten popular, it is best to make reservations at least one day in advance. The best way to make a reservation is by emailing them at  This is better that calling so they will have a written record of your reservation and it does go direct to the person in charge

Where is Nau Restaurant?

Nau is on 15th Avenue between 8th Street and 10th Street facing the park. There is street parking available nearby but they also offer free 2hr parking on the garage on the same block as them. You enter from 10th Avenue between 8th Street and 10th Street. The entrance will be on your left just before 10th Street.

Have you been to this NAU Restaurant? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. Millie Debay // June 12, 2016 at 7:21 AM // Reply

    We had dinner the other night at Nau restaurant and were very pleased with both the presentation do the food and the service. This is a great find of a restaurant in Playa Del Carmen and one of the best seafood places we have been to in a while that is not just fish in butter or typically prepared food. YOu should try this if you have not been here, that my recommendations to other tourist!

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