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Leche de Tigre Seafood Restaurant Review

Leche de Tigre Seafood Restaurant

Leche de Tigre is a “cevicheria” or place to get ceviche and seafood. This  food counter/restaurant is in the Mercado Paseo Del Carmen market. We stopped by to try out the food and give you a report.

Below is a shrimp and octopus tostada. The quality of the seafood was very good and the fresh cut green peppers made it really fresh and light tasting. The portion was nice and at 46 pesos it puts it about even with some other restaurants in Playa for tostadas. With the size of them, about two of them would fill you up.

Leche de Tigre Seafood Restaurant

Shrimp and octopus tostada

The name of the restaurant is also a famous ceviche from Peru. It is the Leche de Tigre ceviche. It should be noted that it comes moderately spicy, so it is not your basic ceviche with lime juice. This one was shrimp and came with calamari rings on top and fried plantain chips. It is 85 pesos and a meal in itself.

Leche de Tigre Seafood Restaurant

The official namesake of the restaurant, the leche de tigre ceviche.

In addition to the above items they serve tacos, seafood empanadas, clams and oysters.

We recommend this place as a good place to go for lunch when you are looking for lighter prepared seafood. You are not getting heavily fried and butter on your seafood here but freshly made tostadas, ceviches and more. The quality is good you can eat quickly and get back to the beach or shopping.


Leche de Tigre is a food stall in the Mercado Paseo Del Carmen. This market is on 10th Avenue below Juarez Avenue. It is behind the Paseo Del Carmen shopping Plaza. Leche de Tigre is at the bottom of the stairs as you enter.

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Have you been to the restaurant? What did you think about it? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. I love the seafood cups they make here. It is a different presentation of ceviche.

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