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Food Truck in Paradise-Meet Cocoa Beach Club

Cocoa Beach Playa Del Carmen

Cocoa Beach Club Food Truck

What is more of a casual food truck in paradise, Cocoa Beach Club is all about the location. At the far end of Playa Del Carmen you can find this stand alone food truck with a dinning experience that is all about the view. Even though this is called a beach club, it is more of a casual place to relax and have some tacos.

Besides the food truck and the 10 plastic tables, there are a few beach chairs and a couple of massage tables. This is not a fancy place, just relaxed with a view of the Caribbean. This can be a good place to visit on a nice sunny day.

Cocoa Beach Playa Del Carmen

The food truck at Cocoa Beach.

Menu at Cocoa Beach Club

The menu is mostly seafood tostadas, tacos and ceviche. Menu prices are average. You wont be getting anything super gourmet here, just honest seafood tostadas and ceviche. It is all about the relaxed atmosphere.

Our recommendation is have a beer or coco with ceviche and enjoy the view.

Cocoa Beach Playa Del Carmen

Menu at Cocoa Beach.

Cocoa Beach Playa Del Carmen

Ceviche and pan fried tacos at Cocoa Beach.

Hours for Cocoa Beach Club

Open daily from 9:00am-5:00pm.

How to get to Cocoa Beach Club

The map below is not entirely accurate (the marker for Cocoa Beach Club should be closer to the Punta Esmeralda words). Cocoa Beach Club is at Punta Esmeralda. This is just north of the Paradisus Hotel complex. There is a beach access road off of 5th Avenue. At the end of the beach access road there is the street truck.

This is a dead end road. Parking is only allowed on one side. If you see a line of cars already parked, you might want to pull over and park before you get to the end. It often can be full and slow to turn around and make your way back to park.

On the weekends this area is especialy busy since many local families go to the beach here.

Are you a food truck lover? You might want to read our article on StEAT Park food trucks in Playa Del Carmen.

Have you been to Cocoa Beach Club before? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Cocoa Beach Playa Del Carmen

Ok, so the view is nice, really nice!

8 Comments on Food Truck in Paradise-Meet Cocoa Beach Club

  1. This is our local go to beach, Playa Punta Esmeralda. We are just 5 minutes from here, by car. Love it because of the cenote and the sea side by side and to be smack dab in the middle with lots of Mexican people.The Mexican people are super nice. During weekdays parking there is easy. Make sure to turn your car to the exit direction when parking. As it can be a challenge trying to turn at the end of the day. Saturday and Sunday, you should go early to get in here by car and park because when it gets later the police will block the entrance when full. There is lots of space to park outside here. Just be Mexican and park where you see other cars parked. We never had any issues parking, even on the Sunday.
    We walked past the food truck many times but never ate there. Sometimes the smells from the sewer, while walking there, makes it hard for me to eat there. Have you eaten there Everything Playa Del Carmen? is the food good?

    • Hello
      We are glad you know this little spot. We have eaten at this location. As you can see from our article the food is basic and nothing to write home about. It is more just the novelty of eating in the remote area next to the beach. They are building a wooden platform and always fixing this place us so it might get better.

  2. This is why I go on vacation, because of the food! I mean the sunshine helps but this all just looks amazing.

  3. Harriet Holtzman // October 10, 2017 at 1:47 AM // Reply

    I saw on your instagram feed the other day that you were there. Is it still good food?

    • Hello Harriet

      The view is very nice and always a little special place in Playa Del Carmen. They have expanded and become a little more permeant. The food is good although not the highest level of gourmet, but it will do the trick and so will the view.

  4. Sam Jaramillo // November 8, 2017 at 11:25 AM // Reply

    Hello! I’m Sam, manager of Cocoa Beach Club. I want to thank you for your comments, they help us to improve our service and our food. Our mission is to provide our clients with a place to enjoy, relaxing and eat delicious seafood, so we will give ourselves the task of improving our menu to have your preference. We hope to have you soon again in our place, your place. Best regards!

    • Hello Sam

      We recently were there again and it is great the second level is open. It is a great spot and we are glad you are still going well.

  5. Gary J Deurance // December 21, 2017 at 11:54 AM // Reply

    One of the nicest spots in Playa. Awesome inexpensive food with fantastic beach and view.

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