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Best Restaurants for Ceviche in Playa Del Carmen

El Doctorcito Seafood Restaurant Playa Del Carmen Ceviche at El Doctorcito

Best Restaurants for Ceviche in Playa Del Carmen

Ceviche in Playa Del Carmen comes in all forms. Here is a list of restaurants that offer a good range and many different dinning options.

Caguameria -Variety of ceviche with beer and Mezcal

Many people do not think of Caguameria as a restaurant let alone a seafood restaurant, but with this photo, people might change that thinking. The ceviche secret is out! Caguameria has a range of ceviches for your cravings. Try the green ceviche! It is our favorite here.

One different thing you can find here, is the ceviche is served with tostadas and seaweed wrappers. So you have a choice of how you wish to eat your ceviche.

The Caguameria is a trendy Mexican restaurant that serves beers, craft beers, mezcal and tequilas also. All perfect to accompany your meal.

Caguameria is on 1st Avenue and the corner of 20th Street. To read more about this restaurant see our article here.

Caguameria Playa Del Carmen Ceviche

Ceviche options at Caguameria Restaurant.

El Doctorcito- A taste of Sinaloa style seafood

El Doctorcito  is a small local corner restaurant that serves up a taste of Sinaloa Mexico. This is a simple place that focuses more on the good tasting ceviche than a fancy restaurant. Go here for a casual lunch of ceviche. To read more about this ceviche restaurant see our article here about El Doctorcito.

This restaurant is on the corner of 12th Street and 25th Avenue. It is near Walmart and the ADO Bus Station.

Pacifico Norte Restaurant

This is a fairly new restaurant in Playa Del Carmen that offers a gourmet take on Mexican foods. This includes seafood and ceviche dishes. Even though this is not a wholly ceviche menu, whatever they do is good!

Pacifico Norte Restaurant is located on Constituyentes Avenue between 100th and 105th.. The best time to go here is Tuesday-Sundays 1:00pm-8:00pm.

Ceviche at Inti Beach Club

This beach club is between 4th Street and 6th Street. With a nice setting for a lunch, check out their ceviche of the day or mixed ceviche. For more about Inti Beach see our article here.

Inti Beach Club Playa Del Carmen

Ceviche at Inti Beach Club.

C-Grill at the Thompson Hotel

If you are looking for a more upscale restaurant that is not just seafood but yet still has good ceviche, check this out. The C-Grill is a beachfront restaurant on 8th Street. They serve up a coconut ceviche that is very good.

For more about C-Grill Restaurant see our article here.

ceviche in Playa Del Carmen

Coconut ceviche at the C-Grill.

Local whole in the wall for ceviche- Rodimar Cockteleria

Sometimes the local places can serve up a good ceviche without the fancy place. This local place is so local there is no sign outside. It is just known by locals. The ceviche is good and consistent.

This small restaurant is on 20th street between 30th Avenue and 35th Avenue. To see more about Rodimar Restaurant see our article here.

Shrimp Ceviche Playa Del Carmen

The shrimp ceviche medium size at Rodimar Cockteleria.

Bio Organicos for vegetarian ceviche

For those of you that are vegetarian and vegans, you still can enjoy ceviche in Playa Del Carmen! Bio Organicos severs up this vegetarian ceviche with mushrooms, cilantro, red onions, avocados, tomatoes and a few other ingredients.

To read more about Bio Organicos see our article here.

Bio Organicos Playa Del Carmen

Vegetarian ceviche at Bio Organicos Restaurant.

Where is your favorite ceviche in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

11 Comments on Best Restaurants for Ceviche in Playa Del Carmen

  1. Los Tabernacos had amazing ceviche. Also a big fan of ceviche at Wah Wahs Beach Bar

    • Thank you Brad for the tips. We will keep adding places to this list like all our articles. We will have to stop by both the restaurants you mentioned.

  2. It seems like ceviche is the most common seafood in Playa. I guess there is not too much fish in the sea in front of Playa. That is ok, I like ceviche and your guides gives a lot of options.

  3. We stopped by Caguameria and tried some ceviche. Really good stuff! We agree with you that eh green ceviche is awesome. A new favorite in Playa.

  4. We went to Caguameria on your advice and have to say the ceviche there was delish! Nice hidden spot in Playa with good vibe.

  5. This is a great list to have. I would agree with all these places and they have good ceviche!

  6. I mean to have the ceviche and Caguameria but the burger sounded so good, so I got that and my girl friend got the ceviche. Nice place and nice Mexican vibe.

  7. George Jenkins // December 7, 2016 at 6:39 AM // Reply

    We tried El Doctorcito and Caguameria off this list. Both really nice options. There are so many good places to eat or maybe just your guides are so good, we find just the good restaurants.

  8. Allen Dillard // December 22, 2016 at 9:49 AM // Reply

    I had some friends in town this week so I wanted to take them to somewhere a little local feeling and Mexican. The Caguameria fit the bill great. We started off with the bone marrow tacos which we saw on your site and then finished off with ceviche. Great all around and the drinks with mezcal also made it s fun time.

  9. Dave Cole // May 5, 2017 at 2:20 PM // Reply

    I am looking for the place somewhere in the 1st to 5th Avenue in the 40th Street area that had a giant standing lobster outside. They had great ceviche. Anyone know the location? Still there?

    • Mr.Yucatan // May 5, 2017 at 4:24 PM // Reply

      Hello Dave

      We remember taking a picture of that lobster but we think they have closed and the lobster is also gone.

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