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Amaranto Bistro-the local seafood restaurant

Amaranto Bistro Playa Del Carmen

Amaranto Bistro is a small seaside restaurant that has been open for about half a decade in Playa Del Carmen. We have been wanting to eat here for a while because a local fisherman told us about it. The restaurant is located right next to the beach where the local fisherman come back to shore so we knew it should have some good fish.

The menu has seafood tacos, ceviche, whole fish and fish fillets and pizza for some reason. For a local place with not much frills the prices are not what you might expect. A fish fillet plate for 110 (see photo above) and also on the menu 3 shrimp tacos for 110-120 is not a great deal when compared to some other places. We were hoping for a great little find with great seafood and prices but instead we a quasi charming local restaurant with fisherman hanging out. The good thing about this place is the quality of the seafood. Here we cannot complain, it is fresh and we like the way they prepare it, butter and garlic, just the way god intended it to be!

Amaranto Bistro Playa Del Carmen

The menu at Amaranto

This place is local and you will not see many tourist here. Many locals that work in the area come for a special menu del dia that is not on the menu. In fact you might hear more Mayan spoken than Spanish.

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Monday-Sunday 8:00am-5:00pm


This small café is on 14th Street just before the beach. It is right across 14th Street from El Taj condo building.

Amaranto Bistro Playa Del Carmen

14th Street location. It is on the left side of the street.

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